New Images for BlackBerry Priv

UPDATE: we add three more images of the device, a user on Reddit has got to take a few minutes during a brief hands-on with the device. The impressions were very good, among other things; hit especially the extreme thinness, lower even than the Samsung Galaxy 5 Notes that for a device that has a physical keyboard is already a result. Keyboard slide mechanism, by the way, seems very solid and stable. User experience seems smooth and free from lag, even though the camera seemed a bit sluggish in focusing (in a hotel room with low lighting and unfinished software, don’t expect much more).

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Plus Size Skirt Length

Although the internet is a gold mine of information, you can quickly feel overwhelmed by too much full of information without knowing what really concerns us. For fashion is the same, television is full of shows such as for example the Queens of shopping with Cristina Cordula, but in the end what does it really hold? To make easier the task we have prepared a little guide that will let you know what great skirt length size is adapted to your morphology.

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ComScore Data: Apple Vs Android

ComScore has released data about the spread of smartphones and mobile operating systems in the US market in the third quarter of 2015. Starting with the large numbers, customers who use a smartphone on American soil are well 191.1 million, with a market penetration equal to77.1% of the population.

Data analysis, reflect in the three tables below, we can see that Apple is still the top producer in the U.S. with a market share of 44.1%, an increase of 0.6 percentage points compared with the previous quarter. Continue reading

Flyme 4.5.6 I for Meizu MX4 and MX4 Pro

After Meizu M1 Notes, even Meizu MX4 and Meizu MX4 Pro are receiving at this time upgrading to the new Flyme 4.5.6 the, always concerning only the international versions of the devices, marked with the finale in the firmware.

In this case, we always find Android 5.0.1 Lollipop, with this update are then arranged a series of bugs, and improved the overall performance of your system. Continue reading

Best Makeup for Blondes

If you’re thinking of becoming blonde or if you’re of course, is the makeup shades that are able to enhance your face. For example, the eyeliner too dark are not suitable as certain lands make your complexion too yellowed. To accentuate colored hair “gold”, the trick has to be right . Here is the make up that you have to choose if you’re blonde.

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Huawei G8 Reviews

On stage at the press conference that Huawei has held to IFA 2015, at the beginning of September, there was only the Mate but also the new G8, a phablet with which Huawei intends to consolidate its presence in the so-called “average range”. Aluminium body, a 5.5-inch Full HD display and a biometric scanner for fingerprint recognition are the calling card of this smartphone which is responsible for improvement compared to its predecessor. Huawei will be succeeded in this task? Let’s find out in the full review of the new Huawei G8.

Hardware, Materials and ergonomics:

Unlike his other device, Huawei has chosen to use a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 616instead of its platform Kirin. This is a 64-bit octa core (1.5 GHz + 1.2 GHz) with 3 GB of RAM supported GPU 405 Adreno and 32 GB of onboard memory expandable 22 of which are available to the user. Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Wearing Shorts

Monday’s article turned out not quite unexpectedly be a contaminated substance. The fact that many designers, avant-garde as well as stofila retainers, including shorts in their collections should be talking to the garment’s advantage. At the same time, we are constantly flooded by arguments from recognized stildignitet as without the slightest doubt dismisses the garment’s existence. Who is really right?

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The Alleged OnePlus X

The next 12 October, OnePlus held an event in India during which it will probably presented the new OnePlus X, the first smartphone medium end of Chinese society.

A few days after the presentation, the Terminal seems to have appeared at the American FCC certification body with the initials E1005. Here are the details emerged following this sighting.First of all we find two pictures of the smartphone, which comes with a design very similar to that of OnePlus 2, even though the dimensions are slightly different because the new OnePlus X has a length ranging between 140 and 150 mm and a width of between 60 and 70 mm and is therefore slightly more compact than its “big brother” also due to the presence of a 5 “against the 5.5″. Continue reading

Swimwear for All Ages

What makes a perfect swimsuit? It depends on age, but also the type of woman who wears it, for each there is a glamorous secret

Identikit of the perfect swimwear

There are those who seek him and never find anyone who has difficulty parting after finding it although it is now worn and faded: it’s a perfect swimsuit, cross and summer delight of every woman! There is no single formula that satisfied all, for each there is only one bikini or swimsuit dream which then changes according to the age and the tasks of life, these are our suggestions glamor! Continue reading