What to Do in Case of a Bump in the Testicles

Suffer a blow in the testicles is an accident quite common in men, especially because this is a region that lies outside of the body without any kind of protection for the bones or muscles. In this way, a bump in the testicles can cause pain very intense and other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and even fainting.

In these cases, to reduce the pain and speed up recovery some care include:

  • Apply cold compresses in the intimate areato reduce the swelling;
  • Avoid intense physical activitythat involves running or jumping, for example;
  • Use underwear more fair, to support the testicles.

In case the pain does not decrease by using these care you can also use an analgesic, such as Paracetamol or Acetominofeno, for example. But before you take the medicine it is very important to consult a doctor, as severe pain can be a sign of a more serious complication.


Although it is more frequent in athletes, especially in football and other impact sports, the whack in the testicles can happen several times throughout your life, leaving any man concerned about his health. However, in most cases, the shot does not cause any kind of a result serious, in addition to the pain.

Possible consequences

The greater part of the cases of stroke in the testicles only causes intense pain and inflammation which disappears after a few hours. However, depending on the strength applied in the stroke, it can lead to more serious consequences such as:

  • Rupture of the testicle: it is quite rare, but can happen when the stroke is too strong or happens because of a traffic accident, for example. Typically, in addition to the pain there’s a swelling very intense in the region, as well as the desire to vomit or faint. These cases need to be treated in hospital with surgery.
  • Torsion of the testis: a stroke can often cause the testicle to rise up and to turn freely, leading to the twist of the cord espermático. This situation, in addition to the pain causes a swelling at the site and the presence of a testicle higher than the other.
  • Dislocation of the testis: it happens when the blow causes the testicle between in the body, getting on top of the hip bone, being more frequent in accidents motorcycle. In these cases, the man ceases to feel one of the testicles and, therefore, should go to the hospital to correct the problem.


  • Epididymitis: this is one of the consequences of the most common and happens when the epididymis, which is the portion that connects the testicle to the channels different, becomes inflamed, causing pain and swelling. In these cases, the inflammation usually improves by itself, without the need of specific treatment.

Although infertility is a concern very often after a bump in the testicles, this is a consequence of the very rare that usually only happens in the most serious cases in which there is destruction almost complete of the testicles, or when treatment is not started quickly.

When you go to the doctor

Usually it is not necessary to go to the hospital after a bump in the testicles, but the bump can be serious when the pain does not improve in two hours, there is nausea strong, the region of the testes continues swelling, there is the presence of blood in the urine or it arises in fever a short time after a stroke without another apparent reason.

In these cases, it is advised to go to the hospital to do tests such as ultrasound or mri, to identify if there is any problem and start the proper treatment.

What to Do in Case of a Bump in the Testicles 1

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