What to Do If You Break the Brake of the Foreskin

The breaking of the brake is a common problem that mostly happens in men who have the brake short, and it can break soon during the first relationship, causing bleeding and intense pain along the glans of the penis.

In these cases, the most important thing is to stop the bleeding by applying pressure on the spot with a sterile dressing or a clean cloth, for, as the disruption typically happens with the body erect, there is a higher concentration of blood at the scene, which may take up to 20 minutes to stop the bleeding.

In most cases it is not necessary any kind of treatment, as the tissue regenerates and heals alone in a few days, and it is only recommended to avoid intimate contact during this period, as well as maintain a good hygiene of the place, to prevent infections.

Care to accelerate healing

To ensure a faster healing and without complications should have some care during recovery, such as:


  • Avoid showers on site, and one should avoid sports with a high risk of injury such as football, for example;
  • Avoid intimate contactduring 3 to 7 days, until the healing is complete;
  • Washing the intimate areaafter urinating;
  • Apply a cream scar 2 to 3 times per day, Cicalfate, to speed up the healing.

In addition, when there are signs of infection such as increased pain, swelling or redness intense of the wound is recommended to consult an urologist to start treatment with antibiotic ointments, as the Acid fusídico or Bacitracin, for example.

In the early days it is normal to feel a slight burning sensation especially after urinating, however this discomfort will disappear gradually as the brake is going to healing.

How to prevent the disruption from happening

The best way to avoid the breaking of the bridle of the foreskin is to start an intimate relationship gently to assess if the stretch of the brake causes pain, however, using lubricant can also help, since it prevents the skin from being pulled too much.


If you identify that the brake is very short and causes discomfort, it is advised to consult a urologist to do a small surgery, called frenuloplastia, in which you made a small cut that allows the brake to stretch more, avoiding that can break through during intimate contact.

When you go to the doctor

In most of the cases the treatment can be done in cas, however, it is advised to go to the doctor when:

  • The pain is very intense and does not improve with time;
  • Healing does not happen in a week;
  • Signs of infection such as swelling, redness or flush of pus;
  • The bleeding does not decrease only with the compression of the local.

In addition, when the brake heals but comes back to break it may be necessary to go to the urologist to evaluate the need to do surgery to cut out the brake and prevent the problem from happening again.

What to Do If You Break the Brake of the Foreskin 1

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