What Is the Micropenis and Why That Happens

The micropenis is a rare condition in which the man is born with a penis much smaller than usual, which generally have less than 5 inches when it is flaccid. In these cases, the testes have a size that is considered normal, and the penis also works normally, with only their size is different.

In most cases, the man can have a satisfactory sexual life and, therefore, does not need any kind of treatment. However, in cases of infertility or embarrassment, are the available treatments with hormones or surgery to try to increase the size of the penis.

Possible causes

Although genetic mutations may be the cause of micropenis, most of the cases it happens due to a sharp decrease in the production of testosterone during the second and third trimester of pregnancy.


Testosterone is the hormone most important to the sexual development of boys, and therefore, when it is missing, the penis fails to develop properly, getting smaller than normal.

How to treat the micropenis

One of the first options for the treatment of the micropenis involves supplementation with testosterone, especially when the testosterone levels are diminished in the body. This type of treatment may be started already during childhood and adolescence and some boys may be able to obtain a penis size that is considered normal.

However, when the treatment is only being looking during adulthood the use of testosterone, may not have such positive results and, therefore, can be advised to surgery of reconstruction and increase of the penis, for example.

In addition, there are also exercises and vacuum pumps that promise to increase your penis size, however, the result is not normally expected, having little impact on the visual aspect of the penis.


How to improve the intimate contact

The intimate contact with the micropenis can bring the same amount of pleasure that the relationship with a penis size that is considered normal. For this, the man must also focus their attention on other forms of pleasure such as oral sex and the use of hands or sex toys, for example.

Some of the best sex positions to enhance the pleasure in these cases are:

  • Spooning: in this position the penetration is made with the other person lying on side with legs closed and slightly bent like in a fetal position. This position helps to create more friction during penetration which can increase the pleasure. In addition, the man’s hands are free to stimulate other places of the body;
  • 4 support: this position allows the penis to be able to penetrate deeper, optimizing its size;
  • Another person sitting on top: this position, as well as the 4 support also helps the penetration to be deeper.


In addition, it is very important to talk with the partner, or the partner before the relationship, so that both can feel comfortable and seek solutions that help in getting mutual pleasure.

What Is the Micropenis and Why That Happens 1

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