What Is Phimosis and Forms of Treatment

Phimosis is the inability to expose the glans, the terminal part of the penis, because the skin that the covers do not have opening enough. This condition is common in babies and boys tends to disappear in the majority of cases up to 1 year of age, in minor proportion up to 5 years or only in puberty, without the need of specific treatment, however, when the skin does not sag enough with the passing of time, it may be necessary to use an ointment specific or do a surgery.

There are 2 types of phimosis male:

  • Phimosis physiological:it is the most common condition that is present from birth;
  • Phimosis secondary:may arise at any stage of life, and occurs after an infection or injury site, for example.

In some cases the skin is so tight, that even urine can be retained within the skin, increasing the risk of urinary tract infection. The phimosis can cause complications such as difficulty in cleaning the region,increase the risk of urinary infection, pain during sexual intercourse, more likely to have an STD, HPV or cancer of the penis, in addition to greatly increase the risk of developing a parafimose, which is when the foreskin gets stuck and does not return to cover the glans.


How do you know if it is phimosis

The only way to confirm the presence of phimosis is to try to retract the skin that covers the glans of the penis manually. When it is not possible to see completely the glans, this represents the phimosis, which can be classified into 5 different degrees, although the degree is not very important to decide the best treatment, because it mainly depends on the age of the boy. The first verification of the presence of phimosis is made in the newborn baby, but is part of all consultations with the pediatrician up to 5 years.

In the case of phimosis secondary that can arise in adolescence or adulthood by the man himself, you can observe if there is any difficulty in the retraction of the skin, and if this is verified, I recommend a consultation with a urologist.

Treatments for phimosis

The phimosis infant has no cure and is not always necessary to resort to specific treatments and, therefore, the pediatrician should assess the situation, since she can, of course, be settled until the 4 or 5 years of the child. But if after this stage, the phimosis persists, or in the case of a phimosis and secondary, is necessary for a specific treatment, that can be done with:

1. Ointment for phimosis

The use of ointments on the basis of corticoids that have anti-inflammatory properties, analgesic and antibiotic making it so that the skin slide on the glans. The ointment indicated by the doctor should be applied 2 times daily for 1 month and it may be enough to cure the phimosis.


2. Exercise of retraction of phimosis

Another possibility, for boys with more than 5 years, is to do an exercise to retraction of the skin of the foreskin without forcing too hard or cause pain. For the exercise one should hold the penis with one hand and with the other apply the ointment and pull the skin back slowly, during 1 minute, 3 to 4 times per day. This exercise should not cause pain, or discomfort, but you must go, ‘dropping the skin little by little’, when the exercise is done improperly in addition to the pain, we can form scars, new adhesions and a ring of fibrosis, which is the characteristic feature of the parafimose.

3. Surgery for phimosis

When this treatment is insufficient, you can also do a surgery for phimosis call postectomia, after 2 years of age. The surgery can be done by removing completely the layer of skin that covers the glans of the prepuce or performing only one or several small cuts in the skin, which is sufficient to allow the skin prevent the removal of the glans, however, this type of surgery is not very efficient and tends to promote a new grip location. In addition to the removal of this skin, the doctor can still perform a cutting that releases the brake short of the penis. Understand how it is made, and the care required after the Surgery for phimosis.


Surgery for phimosis can not be performed in situations such as difficulty in blood clotting, local infection, or in case of abnormalities on the penis, as hipospadia or penis built, because in these cases it may be necessary to take advantage of the skin of the prepuce for reconstruction of other tissues in the genital region. After these conditions are controlled, you can perform the surgery for phimosis.

Phimosis female

The phimosis can also affect girls, and in this case it is called phimosis and female, which happens when the adhesion between the small lips of the vagina, which covered completely the vaginal opening. Treatment for phimosis female consists in the application of the ointment with estrogen that usually solves the problem definitely.

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