What Is Andropause and How to Treat It

Andropause, also called male menopause, is the decrease in slow of testosterone in the blood, which is the hormone responsible for controlling sexual desire, erections, production of sperm and the strength of the muscles.

Generally, andropause comes around the age of 50, and is similar to the menopause in women, causing symptoms such as reduced sexual desire, loss of muscle mass and mood change, for example. 

Although, andropause is a normal stage of aging of the man, it can be controlled through testosterone replacement through remedies prescribed by endocrinologist or a urologist.


How is it treated

The treatment for andropause is typically done with the hormonal replacement to normalize testosterone levels, which are decreased in this phase of the life of man.

The hormone replacement is indicated for men who, in addition to the typical symptoms of andropause, such as decreased sexual desire and of by the in the body, for example, present through the examination of the blood, the levels of testosterone total below 300 mg/dl or 6.5 mg/dl3.

What are the remedies used

The hormone replacement in andropause is usually done in two main ways:

  • Tablets testosterone:serve to increase the levels of testosterone and, thus, decrease the symptoms. An example of remedy for andropause is Testosterone Undecanoate, which has few side effects;
  • Testosterone injections:are the most economical and used in Brazil, used to increase the levels of testosterone and reduce the symptoms. Generally, apply 1 dose of injection per month.


The treatment should be guided by the endocrinologist, and before it is started and soon after its inception, the man should do a blood test to check the levels of total testosterone.

In addition, the three and six months after the start of treatment, one must also do the digital rectal examination and the dosage of the PSA, which are exams that serve to diagnose if there were some kind of important change in the prostate that is caused by the treatment. If this is checked, the man should be referred to a urologist.

Who should not do hormone replacement

The hormone replacement in andropause is contraindicated in men with cancer of the breast, prostate, or who have family members who are close who have developed these diseases.

Option of natural treatment for andropause

An option of natural treatment for andropause is the tea of tribulus terrestris, since this medicinal plant increases levels of testosterone in the blood, and is also an excellent home remedy for impotence, one of the symptoms of andropause. Another solution are the capsules of tribulus terrestris marketed by name of Tribulus.


To make the tea from tribulus terrestris, you can just put 1 teaspoon of the dried leaves of tribulus terrestris in a cup and then cover with 1 cup boiling water. The following, you should let it cool down, strain and drink 2 to 3 cups of tea per day. This natural treatment is contraindicated for men with high blood pressure or heart problems.

What Is Andropause and How to Treat It 1

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