What Happens After Amputation of the Penis

Amputation of the penis, also known scientifically as penectomia or falectomia, it happens when the male sexual organ is removed completely, being known as total, or when only a portion is removed, and is known as a partial.

Although this type of surgery is more frequent in cases of cancer of the penis, may also be required after accidents, trauma and severe injuries, such as suffering a powerful blow on the intimate area or to be a victim of mutilation, for example.

Already in the case of men wanting to change sex, the removal of the penis is not call of amputation, once that is done a plastic surgery to recreate the female sexual organ, so call neofaloplastia.


1. It is possible to have sexual relations?

The way the amputation of the penis affects the intimate contact varies according to the amount of penis removed. Thus, men who have suffered an amputation total may not have sexual organ enough to have a vaginal intercourse normal, however, there are different sex toys which can be used in replacement.

Already in the case of an amputation partial, usually it is possible to resume having sex in about 2 months, so that the region is well healed. In many of these cases, the man has a prosthesis, which was inserted in the penis during surgery, or what’s left of your penis is still enough to keep the pleasure and satisfaction of the couple.

2. There is way to reconstruct the penis?

In cases of cancer, during the surgery, the urologist usually tries to preserve as much of the penis as possible to be able to rebuild what is left through a neofaloplastia, using the skin of the arm or of the thigh and the prosthesis, for example.

Already in cases of amputation, in the great majority of cases, the penis can be reconnected to the body, since it’s done in less than 4 hours, to avoid the death of all of the penile tissue and ensure higher success rates. Additionally, the final look and success of surgery can also depend on the type of cut that is best when it is a cut smooth and clean.


3. The amputation causes a lot of pain?

In addition to the pain very intense that can arise in cases of amputation without anaesthesia, as happens in cases of mutilation, and it can even cause fainting, after the recovery of many men may feel a phantom pain in the spot where was the penis. This type of pain is very common in amputees, for the mind takes a long time to adapt to the loss of a limb, and ultimately create discomfort during the day-to-day life such as tingling in the region to be amputated or pain, for example.

4. The libido remains the same?

The sexual appetite in man is regulated through the production of the hormone testosterone, which happens mostly in the testicles. Thus, men who do amputation without removing the testicles can continue to feel the same libido as before.

Although it may seem like a positive point, in the case of men who have suffered an amputation total and can not do reconstruction of the penis, this situation can cause great frustration, since they have a greater difficulty to give answer to your sexual drive. Thus, in these cases, the urologist may recommend also removing the testicles.

5. It is possible to have an orgasm?

In most cases, men who have suffered amputation of the penis can have an orgasm, however, can be more difficult to achieve, since the vast majority of nerve endings are in the head of the penis, which, typically, is removed.

However, the stimulation of the mind and the touch on the skin around the intimate area can also be able to produce an orgasm.


6. How do you use the bathroom?

After removing the penis, the surgeon attempts to reconstruct the urethra so that the urine keep coming out the same way as before, without causing changes in the life of man. However, in cases where it is necessary to remove the whole of the penis, the orifice of the urethra can be placed below the testes and, in these cases, it is necessary to eliminate urinating sitting in private, for example.

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