Understand Why Diabetes Can Cause Sexual Impotence

Diabetes can cause sexual impotence because the diabetic has a series of vascular and sensitive that may hinder the arrival of the blood in the penis and the sensitivity, thus hampering the erection and the intimate contact.

To have and maintain penile erection the man needs physical and psychological stimulation that will increase the blood circulation in the genital area, and if this does not happen is more difficult to have the conditions necessary for an intimate contact to be satisfactory.

The main causes of Sexual Impotence in Diabetic

The causes of sexual impotence due to diabetes include:


  • Changes in blood circulationthat reduces the influx of blood in the region of the penile;
  • Obstruction of the artery penile, which decreases the concentration of blood in this location due to atherosclerosis;
  • Changes in the sensitivity of the penile that decreases the sexual pleasure;
  • Stress and anxietydue to the restrictions in the diet, the need for care circulatory and fear of getting sick.

So, if a man has any of these changes, it is likely that may develop erection problems and sexual impotence.

Treatment to fight Sexual Impotence in Diabetic

Measures such as the control of the values of glucose and blood pressure, maintenance of ideal weight through a balanced diet and regular visits to the doctor can be important in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, helping in the treatment of impotence caused by diabetes. In addition, you can opt for:


  • Drugs vasodilators such as Viagra;
  • Intense physical exercise: such as running for 1 hour, 3 times per week;
  • Prosthesis semi-rigid in the penis;
  • Investing in home remediesto control the blood glucose.

It is crucial that each case is analyzed carefully by a urologist specialized, because it is a region of a fragile body and the self-medication can be extremely harmful to a man, they can bring even more complications.

In addition, you need psychological support, understanding on the part of the companion, and the realization of some activities that can re-establish a greater bond between the couple, trying to move away to the maximum all the factors that might increase the anxiety to improve the intimate contact.

Understand Why Diabetes Can Cause Sexual Impotence 1

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