Treatment for Beard Stuck

The best way to treat ingrown hairs of the beard is letting it grow naturally, avoiding the use of razor or razor blade. However, if you take a long time to improve you can try to do an exfoliation mild on the face, rubbing a tablespoon of bicarbonate of sodium in a little liquid soap, for example.


Even so, when the ingrown hairs do not improve or evolve to a more severe condition, you should consult a dermatologist since it may be necessary to perform a laser treatment for clearing by, and produce an anti-inflammatory effect and antimicrobial, which prevents the beard again cause a jam when you grow up.

How to prevent shaving jams

To avoid that through the beard again cause a jam, some important and simple include:


  1. Wash the beard with soap and warm water, before shaving;
  2. Do not stretch the skin during the scraping;
  3. Use a new blade, and well sharpened;
  4. Shave in direction of beard growth;
  5. Make short movements;
  6. Avoid passing the blade 2 times on the same site;
  7. Use the machine to cut hair to ‘shave’ the face, leaving the by well curtinhos.


In cases where the beard jams often, it may be necessary to consult a dermatologist to begin treatment with creams, scrubs or drugs based corticoesteroides and antibiotics to combat the infection and inflammation caused by the growth of the hairs.

Treatment for Beard Stuck 1

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