Travel to Beautiful Cities in Switzerland

Here you will find study trips and round trips through the metropolises of Switzerland


Take a group trip to Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland and the capital of the Canton of Zurich. Visit the most important sights of Zurich such as the old town, the old town hall, the Grossmünster and the Wasserkirche, the Fraumünster church, the Peterskirche, the Lindenhof, the Bahnhofstrasse, the Paradeplatz, the Platzspitz, the university quarter, the theater, the art house, the zoo am Zürichberg, the opera house, the Rote Fabrik in Willishofen, the Swiss National Museum, Museum Bellerive, the Tram Museum and other highlights that will stay in your memory forever. Enjoy life in Zurich as part of a city break.


Visit Bern, the federal city of Switzerland and at the same time the capital of the canton of Bern. Take a Bern city trip and visit the highlights of this city: the carillon of the astronomical clock, the Käfigturm, the Dutch tower, the town hall, the Federal Palace, the Elfenau orangery, the French church, the Heilliggeist church, the old and new Bümpliz Castle, the World Telegraph Monument, the Bern City Theater, the Bärengraben, the Bern train station, the Bernese bridges, the historical and modern fountain, the rose garden, the Käfigturm, the Zytglogge clock tower, the Kursaal, and other sights that are sure to impress you. Enjoy this new culture and history of Bern with an unforgettable study trip.


Take a unique group trip to Basel, the third largest city in Switzerland. Visit the highlights of Basel such as the Musical Theater, the Knabenkantorei Basel, the Wildt’sche Haus, the Basler Messeturm, the Tinguely Museum Basel, the Architecture Museum, the multi-part theater and get to know the lovable city on one of the five most important tours of Basel. such as the Erasmus tour (Münsterplatz is important), the Jakob Burkhardt tour (the market square towards Freie Strasse – the largest and most famous shopping street in Basel), the Thomas Platter tour (various universities), the Paracelsus tour (the Eleven thousand Jungfern-Gässlein, Martinskirchplatz), and the Hans-Holbein-Rundgang (the opening of the Wall, museums).


Towered over by the steep walls of the Eastern Alps, the largest Swiss canton of Graubünden offers a fascinating expanse. This is where the more than 500 kilometers long Inn rises and gave the valley its name: The Engadin, or Engiadina in Romansh, is the long valley of the Inn framed by mighty mountain ranges. It is divided into the Upper Engadine and the Lower Engadine. The vast, unspoilt landscape of the Upper Engandin is like a Garden of Eden. The Lower Engadine is wilder and narrower – it protrudes into the neighboring states of Austria and Italy in the form of a wolf’s snout. This unique plateau at 1,800 meters enchants with charming lakes, in whose clear water forests and mountains are reflected.

The Engadine – the sky always within reach

Where the mountains come closer together, the Inn rushes particularly wildly. Mats full of flowers cover the steep slopes of the valley – magnificent larch and pine trees line the path to the rustic mountain villages. The massive stone houses stand out here, whitewashed with beautiful bay windows and paintings. In winter the Engadin is a winter sport; a hiking and climbing paradise in summer. But there are also many opportunities for mountain biking and water sports. With a bit of luck, you can spot ibex, chamois, golden eagle and bearded vulture while hiking in quiet side valleys. The region is on holiday between May and June – almost all facilities such as hotels, restaurants and museums are closed. But soon the guests will be greeted with a warm “Allegra”. Not just St. Moritz and Pontresina are draft horses – the quieter villages of Sils and Celerina in the Upper Engadine and the picturesque towns of Ardez, Guarda, Sent and Ftan in the Lower Engadine are also popular. The red Rhaetian Railway is the connecting link between all Engadine towns. The passengers not only comfortably reach the most beautiful places in the valley, they enjoy a first-class train experience through the wild nature.

Discover the Engadine in all its diversity.

The beautiful Sils-Maria houses the palatial hotel “Waldhaus”. In 1908 the forest hotel with its corner towers and battlements was opened. Painters, musicians and poets quickly made it a destination of longing. A picturesque place – a film-ready setting. The list of creative guests has grown over the decades. While Sils-Maria has always been a longing destination for artists, Guarda and Ardez are the treasure chests on the old Engadinstrasse. With its small, candy-colored hobbit houses and cobblestone streets, Guarda looks like a place from a fairy tale book.
The event par excellence is the Engadine Ski Marathon, in which up to 14,000 runners take part every year. Winter hikers have the choice between the lake area, the high plateau Muotras Muragl and the almost 3000 meter high Diavolezza. Natural and artificial ice invite you to ice skate, curling or ice stock sport. Last but not least, the Lower Engadine inspires with spectacular ski areas above Scuols / Tarap.

Engadine, Switzerland