The Penis Grows Until the Age (and Average Size)

The period of greatest growth of the penis happens during the teenage years, keeping up with a size and thickness that is similar after this age.

The average size of the penis normal erect can vary between 9 and 13 cm, but this measurement also can fluctuate according to the country where it is originating, since there are places with averages above or below.

When the penis has a size that is much lower than the average, it can be known as a micropenis, but this usually only happens in cases where the body has less than 5 cm, for example.

1. Up to what age grows the penis?


Once the growth happens mainly during the teenage years, most of the boys presents growth of the penis up to around 20 years of age, and that after this age it is common that the size is similar to the rest of your life.

Although the growth of the penis to happen in this period, the pace can vary from one boy to the other, and may be faster in some cases than in others, however by the age of 19 years, the penis should have already developed almost completely.

2. What is the average size?

The size of the penis can vary a lot from one man to the other, being related with several factors, such as the production of hormones. However, seconds studies conducted in several countries, the average size of a flaccid penis is about 9 cm while erect this value is 13 cm. Already in relation to the circle, the value generally varies between 9 cm and 12 cm.

3. It is possible to increase the size of penis?

There are several techniques that promise to increase your penis size, but most of them can only cause a small change, not having the expected result by most of the men.

4. Smoking can decrease your penis size?

The cigarette does not interfere with hormone production and, therefore, does not affect the growth of the penis. However, how smoking affects various organs of the body in a negative way, over the years can also interfere with the functions of the penis, more specifically with the erection. This arises because the prolonged use of the cigarette can cause a blockage of some blood vessels, which decreases blood flow to the penis. When this happens, the man will each time having less blood to produce and maintain an erection, and may even result in impotence, for example.


5. The penis can grow crooked?

The most common is that the penis grow with a ligiera tilt to one side or the other, being that it happens mainly because the urethra is not always accompanied the development of the rest of the body, causing a slight curve.

However, since the curvature does not cause pain, nor prevents the penetration during intimate contact, should not be of concern.

6. The size is important?

In various studies conducted on the size of the penis, it was concluded that the man is the person more concerned with the size of your own penis, and there is little concern on the part of the partner or partner.

In addition, in most cases, the size of the penis does not prevent the man from having sexual relations or to generate a pregnancy success.

7. Who do I consult due to the size of the penis?

If you are concerned about your penis size or if you have any questions about the development of the male sexual organ, as well as the testicles, the best is always to consult a urologist before trying out any home use technique to try to change the size.The doctor is the most qualified person to assess the situation and indicate the best forms of treatment.

The Penis Grows Until the Age (and Average Size) 1

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