Testicular Cancer Has a Cure?

When discovered early, testicular cancer has a cure, because the treatment is almost always effective. The cancer in the testicle can be healing even in the cases in which the disease was only diagnosed at a more advanced stage, although in this case it is necessary more time of the treatment.

In the initial phase of the medical oncologist must choose to use only the chemotherapy, which consists in the use of medications that will try to prevent the replication of the sick cells, preventing the growth of the tumor. If this form of treatment is not well accepted and the tumor continue to grow, it will be recommended that the patient make also radiation therapy.


With these therapies, the tumor continue to grow, the chances of him creating metastases will be bigger and then the doctor may choose to do the removal of the testicle affected by a surgery. After this step, the doctor may place a prosthesis, a kind of little ball inside the testicle so that the aesthetics will not be jeopardized.

Life expectancy

The life expectancy depends on the response of the patient to therapy, as in cases where the patient does not response to the therapy in the proper way, there can be scattering to other locations of the body and subsequent proliferation to characterize the metastasis.


Testicular cancer can be easily treated, even in cases of metastasis, and may even achieve a cure when diagnosed early. The survival of the patient, which corresponds to the life expectancy after diagnosis varies between 5 and 10 years. However, men who are diagnosed with this cancer typically survive for a longer time due to the advancement of treatment techniques.

The expectation of life should be informed by the doctor and varies from patient to patient according to the degree of development of the disease, impairment of other organs, age, general health and response of the disease to treatment.

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