Testicle Swollen May Be Hydrocele

The hydrocele is the accumulation of fluid inside the testicle, which can leave a little swollen or one testicle larger than the other. Although this problem is more frequent in babies, it can also happen in adult men, especially after 40 years.

Typically, the hydrocele does not cause pain or any other symptom in addition to the swelling of the testicle, and, therefore, also does not cause lesions in the testis, nor affect the fertility, disappearing almost always without the need of treatment. If you’re having pain in the testicles, to see what can be.

As the swelling can also be a sign of more serious diseases, such as cancer, it is always recommended to consult a pediatrician, in the case of the baby, or a urologist, in the case of man, to confirm the diagnosis of hydrocele.


Characteristics of the hydrocele

To make sure that it really is hydrocele the only symptom that must be present is the swelling that can affect one or both testicles. The doctor will be able to observe the intimate area, and touch it to see if there is signs of pain, or any other changes that indicate the possibility of it being another disease. But the ultrasound on the testicles is the most faithful to find out if it really is hydrocele.

As is done in the treatment of hydrocele

In most cases the hydrocoele in a baby does not need any kind of specific treatment, disappearing alone in up to 1 year of age. In the case of adult men can be indicated to wait 6 months to see if the liquid disappears alone.

However, when it is causing a lot of discomfort or increases in size over time, the doctor may recommend doing a small surgery with general anesthesia to remove the hydrocele of the scrotum.


This type of surgery is quite simple and can be done in a few minutes and, therefore, recovery is quick, and you can return home a few hours after the surgery, so that the effect of the anesthesia disappears completely.

Another form of treatment consists in the realization of a aspiration with local anesthesia.

The main causes of hydrocele

The hydrocele in the baby happens because during pregnancy, the testicles have a bag with liquid in it back, however, this bag closes during the first year of life and the liquid is absorbed by the body. However, when this does not happen, the stock market can continue to accumulate the liquid, creating the hydrocele.

Already in adult males, the hydrocele is usually because the canal where the testicles descended during pregnancy, it is not closed fully and the liquid from the abdomen passes to the scrotum causing swelling in the genital region. However, it may also happen after you due to orchitis, epididymitis, inguinal hernias, trauma or filariasis.

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