Testicle Retractable: That Is, Causes and Treatment

It is normal for the testicles to rise and can hide in the groin area, not being palpable. This happens especially in children, due to the development of the abdominal muscles, but can keep still during the adulthood, going to be called the testicle retractable.

This is especially the case because each testicle is connected to the abdominal region through a muscle known as the cremaster. This muscle can contract involuntarily several times during the day, whether stimulated to it or not, causing the testicles to rise.

Usually, the testicles return to their natural position just a few minutes after they have risen, but can also be re-positioned using the hand and making soft movements about the location where the scrotum connects to the abdomen. However, if the testicle does not descend after 10 minutes, it is advised to go to the hospital, or consult a urologist, to assess if there is a problem that needs to be treated.

The main causes of the testicle that goes up


A good part of the time, the testicles go up just because of an involuntary movement of the muscle that holds them, however, there are other situations that can stimulate this movement, such as:

1. During or after the relationship

Sexual intercourse is a moment of pleasure in which several muscles of the body, especially the intimate area, constrict involuntarily in response to the electrical stimulation created by a feeling of pleasure. One of these muscles is the cremaster, and therefore the testes may ascend to the abdominal region, especially during orgasm.

Typically, in these cases, the testicle does not disappear completely, getting stuck in the upper region of the scrotum, however, many men have a channel more open in the transition between the scrotum and the abdomen, which can cause the testes to disappear, without this being a sign of some problem.

2. Cold climates

To function properly, the testicles need to be in an environment that is about 2 to 3 degrees cooler than the body temperature, and it is for this reason that are in the scrotum and outside of the body.

However, when the environment gets very cold around the body, the temperature in the region of the scrotum can move down and also affect the testicles. In this way, the body produces an involuntary movement, so that the scrotum contract and the testicles rise to the abdominal region, with the objective of regulating the temperature.


3. Danger

Once the testicles are located in a pouch outside of the body, and are not protected by any bones, are more exposed to knocks and injuries that can cause damage in its structure and functioning.

To prevent this from happening, the body has developed a defense mechanism so that the muscle that holds the testicles contract and pull the abdominal region, so as to keep them more protected. It is for this reason that the testicles can go up when the man feels measures or hear an amazing story, for example.

4. Drawstring espermático short

The drawstring espermático is the structure created by the muscles and small vessels that are attached to the testicle, helping you keep hanging within the testicle.

In some situations, especially in young people and children, this bead may not fully develop or grow at a very slow pace, which is not included with the growth of the body. In these cases, the testis will be more close to the abdomen and, depending on the size of the cord, you can even end up inside the belly. Usually, this problem resolves itself after adolescence.

Possible complications

The testicle retractable is rarely linked with complications, however, as the testicle goes up to the abdomen there is a greater risk of not coming back down, and may get stuck. If this happens, there is also a greater risk of developing cancer of the testis, present problems of fertility or to have a testicular torsion, since the testicles are not functioning at the correct temperature.


When you go to the doctor

Almost always, the testicle goes up and comes down again, it’s not a situation that need special attention. However, it is important to go to the hospital or consult a urologist when:

  • The testicle does not come down after 10 minutes;
  • Appears a severe pain or swelling in the region of the scrotum;
  • If you suffered a powerful blow in the intimate area.

The cases in which the testicle goes up and not back down are the most common in babies or children, and, generally, are related with a case of criptorquidia, in which the channel between the scrotum w the abdomen does not allow the testicle to descend, and it may be necessary to do surgery.

Testicle Retractable That Is, Causes and Treatment 1

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