Symptoms of Thrush in Man

The symptoms of thrush in man emerge especially in the penis and include problems such as burning urination, discharge whitish or discomfort during intimate contact, for example.

Candidiasis is a disease caused by the fungus Candida albicans, and mostly manifests itself when the immune system is weakened, as happens during periods of great stress or when you have any disease like diabetes or HIV infection, for example. However, this infection may also arise due to the sharing of personal items, poor hygiene of the intimate area, or the frequent use of antibiotics.


In addition to affecting the genitals, candidiasis may also appear in the mouth, in the intestine or on the skin, especially in regions such as the bending of the knees, the groin, the neck and at the umbilicus.

What to do in case of suspicion

When you think that you can be with candidiasis is very important to consult a urologist to confirm the diagnosis and start the treatment with an ointment antifungal. However, to relieve the symptoms at home, while waiting for the query, you should keep the intimate area very clean and dry so as to avoid the use of synthetic clothing or very tight, so as to let the skin to breathe.


In cases where the candidiasis is very frequent or persistent, and in the absence of other factors such as anxiety, stress or colds, it is advised that the man take a blood test to evaluate the possibility of having any disease that is harming the immune system, like diabetes or even HIV infection.

How to treat thrush in man

The treatment for thrush in men can be done at home with the ingestion of drugs antifungals, such as Fluconazole, and/or the use of an ointment anti-fungal, such as Nystatin, for approximately 7 to 10 days.

In addition, during the treatment it is also important to avoid the consumption of sweet foods, sugary or sources of carbohydrates, because they favour development of the fungus Candida.

Symptoms of Thrush in Man 1

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