Strbske Pleso and Yasna, Slovakia

Strbske Pleso

According to wholevehicles, Strbske Pleso is a well-known venue for winter sports competitions, the best high-altitude resort in the High Tatras, located on the shores of the mountain lake of the same name, 24 km from Poprad. Skiers, alpine skiers, ski jumpers and snowboarders come here. The terrain of the slopes attracts those wishing to engage in freeriding, and many rails and obstacles attract fans of jumping. Approximately 120 days a year, Strbske Pleso operates as a ski center, and year-round as a medical resort. Skiing heights – from 1300 to 1915 m. The skiing season lasts from December to March.

How to get to Strbske Pleso

Flight to Poprad, then transfer for about half an hour.


Exceptional natural conditions, healthy clean air and the surroundings of dense coniferous forests make it possible to treat respiratory diseases in Strbske Pleso all year round, as well as to prevent cancer. The main method of treatment is climatotherapy, which consists of two parts: treatment with air (aerotherapy) and the sun (heliotherapy).

Trails in Strbske Pleso

Approximately one and a half kilometers from the center of the resort there is a well-equipped modern FIS ski station, which includes two jumps for jumps (70 and 90 m), a “start” and “finish” of ski races for 5, 10, 15, 30 and 50 km, as well as two stadiums with stands for spectators. Near the station, at altitudes from 1400 to 1840 m, there are trails for beginners and professionals. If necessary, they are processed with snow cannons. Every Wednesday until 20:00 the track is open for evening skiing.

The main ski slopes are located on the southern sunny slope of the Predne Solisko peak (2093 m). The Interski slalom slope is very popular, where there is a ski school for children, which has its own children’s ski lift. Also on the slope are suitable conditions for cross-country skiing, biathlon, ski jumping and mountaineering.

“At the entrance” to the Mlynicka Valley there is a modern sports complex with two downhill ski jumps, a slalom track, a stadium, an indoor swimming pool and a sauna. There are also trails for tourist skiing, cross-country skiing, chairlifts, several lifts, ski schools for beginners and children. The complex also has good conditions for paragliding and snowboarding.

Attractions and attractions in Strbske Pleso

The towns of Stary Smokovec and Tatranska Lomnica, the Aqua City water park in Poprad, the nature reserve town of Poprad – Spisska Sobota.

Swimming pools, saunas, gyms. Restaurants with Slovak and European cuisines, cafes, discos, casinos.


The resort is located at the foot of the northern slopes of Mount Chopok within the national park and offers the best skiing conditions in Slovakia. Jasna belongs to the international tourist centers of the first category; major national and international ski competitions are held here every year, included in the calendar of the European Cup.

A free ski bus runs around the resort, which is packed with tired but happy skiers during rush hour. And the bus with the inscription “aqua-skibus” scurries between the ski resort and the water park “Tatralandia”.

How to get to Yasna

For those who have purchased package tours – a flight to Poprad, then a transfer of 1 hour 15 minutes. Other options are to fly to Vienna or Bratislava and from there by bus or train. In any case, you will have to go with a change in Liptovsky Mikulas, from where it is easy to get to Jasna both by train and by bus. The most convenient option is to rent a car.

Trails of Jasna

The resort offers 57 km of pistes on the northern and southern slopes of Chopok. It can be conditionally divided into four ski areas: Otupne (1140-1430 m) – an area for beginners; Zagradki (1030-1450 m) – “red” trails leading from Konski Grun and Prehib; Chopok-North (1230-2020 m) – mostly “red” pistes, there are a couple of “black” pistes, the length of the pistes is up to 2 km; Chopok-South (1160-2020 m) – “red” and “black” slopes, skiing is mainly above the forest level, there are opportunities for virgin skiing.

The main and most interesting tracks are equipped with snow cannons, which provide full-fledged skiing in conditions of a little snowy winter. There are trails for evening skiing. Evening skiing is not included in the ski-pass and is paid extra.

The recently built snow park in Otupne is the most modern in Slovakia. Its upper part is suitable for beginners, and the lower part, with more difficult obstacles, is suitable for experienced boarders.

The recently built snow park in Otupne is the most modern in Slovakia. Its upper part is suitable for beginners, and the lower part, with more difficult obstacles, is suitable for experienced boarders. The resort also has the largest children’s snow park Maxiland in Slovakia, where young skiers learn to ski under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Opening hours of the lifts: December, January and the first half of February – from 8:30 to 15:30, from the second half of February until the end of the season – from 9:00 to 16:00. Evening skiing on two tracks lasts from 18:00 to 21:00.

In the lower part of the Chopok-North region, there are fir trees and pines, and sometimes even shafts of stones up to half a meter high, made to hold snow. In general, the skier should be careful and especially attentive there.

  • The slopes of Jasna


The local ski-pass is made in the form of a magnetic card and is valid for all lifts. It is sold at the box office located near the main stations Otupne, Bela Put and Zahradka.

It is more profitable to buy a ski-pass at once for the entire holiday.

Entertainment and attractions of Jasna

Demänovská Cave of Freedom and Demänovská Ice Cave, Liptovský Mikuláš — Museum of Nature and Speleology, Art Gallery im. P. M. Bogunya, Aquapark “Tatralandia” (9 thermal outdoor pools with water + 24… + 38 ° C, water attractions, 18 water slides, a sauna complex), Pribylina – Museum of the Liptov Village, St. Krizh – a wooden articular church, Gavranok – the archaeological area of ​​the Celtic culture.

The entire evening life of Jasna is concentrated in the hotels themselves, where there are bars, restaurants, discos, billiards, table tennis, and some have a swimming pool.

Yasna, Slovakia