Seminal Fluid: What Is It and 5 Other Common Questions

The seminal fluid is a whitish liquid produced by the seminal glands and the prostate which helps to carry the sperm produced by the testes outside of the body. In addition, this fluid also contains a type of sugar that helps keep the sperm healthy and with energy, to be able to reach the egg.

Normally, this fluid is not produced during childhood, appearing only in the period of adolescence of the boys. This happens because for the production of this liquid is necessary to have a high release of testosterone by the testis, which appears around the age of 16-18 years in boys.

1. It is possible to get pregnant with the seminal fluid?

Theoretically it is not possible to get pregnant with seminal fluid, since this liquid by itself does not contain sperm, which are normally only released from the testes at the moment of orgasm. However, it is very common that during sexual intercourse the man releases small jets of seminal fluid with the sperm without being aware of it due to the pressure of the blood in the intimate area.


In addition, it is still possible that there may be sperm in the urethra, that end up being pushed by the seminal fluid and getting in the vaginal canal of the woman, and can result in a pregnancy.

So, the only way to ensure that you do not if she is using a contraceptive method such as condoms or the contraceptive pill.

2. You can get diseases?

As well as the greater part of the fluids produced by the human body, the seminal fluid can transmit several sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV, Gonorrhoea or Chlamydia, for example.

This way, when you have relations with a new partner or when one does not know the history of diseases it is very important to always use a condom, not only to prevent a possible pregnancy, but also to prevent the transmission of this type of diseases,

3. It is possible to increase the amount of liquid?

The volume of seminal fluid released by a man varies all the time, being that the sexual contact repeated is one of the main causes for the decrease of this fluid, since the glands do not have enough time to produce more liquid.

However, there are some natural ways to increase the amount of liquid. To do this you should maintain your body always well hydrated, since water is the main ingredient of the seminal fluid, by drinking at least 1.5 liters of water per day. In addition, practicing physical exercise regularly and have a diet that is rich in antioxidants, also appear to be ways proven to increase the amount of liquid.


4. When this liquid is released?

The seminal fluid can be released at various times throughout the sexual intercourse and, therefore, many times, is known as a lubricating liquid that is released by the penis during intimate contact. This happens due to the increased pressure on the prostate gland, which leads to its contraction and, consequently, release of liquid.

However, there are also several men in that this liquid only is released along with the sperm when it reaches the orgasm, being completely normal.

5. Seminal fluid is the same fluid prostate?

The two liquids are not the same thing, but the fluid prostate makes part of seminal fluid. This is because the fluid, seminal is formed by the mixture of two liquids, which is produced by the prostate and that is produced by the seminal glands.

Thus, through the seminal fluid it is possible to indirectly assess the health of the prostate, as if to leave changed, with the presence of blood, for example, may indicate some problem in the prostate.

Seminal Fluid What Is It and 5 Other Common Questions 1

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