Satiríase: When the Man Is Addicted to Sex

The satiríase, that can also be popularly known as nymphomania male, is a psychological disorder that causes a desire exaggerated by sex in males, without any increase in the amount of sex hormones.

Often, this desire leads the man to have relations frequent with many partners, or partners in, different, as well as practicing masturbation several times a day, but never feel the pleasure and satisfaction you are looking for.

As well as nymphomania is used only to describe women with the same disorder, the satiríase is used only in the case of men, but popularly the term ninfomaníaco is also used also to identify the men sex addicts, although the name most proper to be satiríase.

How to identify the satiríase

Some of the characteristic symptoms that may indicate that a man is a sex addict include:


  • Exchanges frequent sexual partners;
  • Constant desire to have sexual intercourse;
  • Excess of masturbation during the day;
  • To have multiple relationships just one night with unknown;
  • Difficulty to feel pleasure and complete satisfaction after the relationship.

In some cases, the man ‘ninfomaníaco’ you can even display a high willingness to participate in sexual activities considered incorrect by the society, such as making voyeurism, sadism, or pedophilia.

It is still often the case that the man has one or several sexually transmitted diseases, not due to the high number of partners, but because at the time of the relationship it is common to forget to use the condom due to the great will that feel.

It is worth remembering that many of these characteristics are common in young people during adolescence, however, does not mean that you are addicted to sex, because the symptoms are caused by the sudden hormonal changes, which is not the case in adult males with satiríase. In this way, the diagnosis should always be done by a psychologist.

Possible causes

There is not a specific cause for the emergence of satiríase in man, however, it is believed that this disorder can appear as a response of the body to decrease the levels of stress through sexual activity.


In this way, it is more common in people who have trouble regulating their emotions or who have problems related to abuse or trauma, for example.

Furthermore, men who suffer with other psychological problems, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, may also exhibit excessive sexual drive.

How to confirm the diagnosis

The diagnosis should always be done by a psychologist through the assessment of the history of man. This way, whenever possible, it is important to take a friend or family member to the consultation, so that you can report what you see or feel in relation to the situation.

How is it treated

The first step to treat addiction in sex is to identify if there is some other psychological disorder that may be causing the sexual drive excessive. If this is the case, the psychologist may be guided sessions of psychological therapy individual and group or, even, appoint a psychiatrist to prescribe medicine, if necessary.

In other cases, the treatment is usually done only with therapy sessions, but also there may be rare cases in which it may be necessary to resort to remedies with the effect of a sedative or tranquilizer that allows you to release the stress of the man, without recourse to sexual intercourse in excess, for example.


If there is a disease sex linked, such as HIV, syphilis or gonorrhoea, and normally starts the treatment for the specific disease.

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