Safari and Nature Trips in Asia

In Asia, you have the opportunity to have lots of unique experiences in absolutely amazing surroundings. The continent is an obvious destination if you are the traveler who loves nature and animal experiences. On a trip to Asia’s warm climate, you can experience a unique nature and wildlife. Asia also offers cultural trips, trekking trips and is also known for its lovely sandy beaches with azure blue water, where you can digest your many experiences.

Sri Lanka

Safari trips are most often associated with Africa, but safaris can also be experienced in other parts of the world. In Sri Lanka you can experience an absolutely fantastic safari trip. Tourist Travel takes you on a journey of discovery in Sri Lanka’s beautiful scenery and the island’s many wildlife. You can experience elephants, leopards, wild boars, buffaloes and not least crocodiles in Wilpattu National Park. On the safari journey, the focus is on photo safaris, where you get help to take unique photos of the fantastic animals, so you perpetuate your journey. In Sri Lanka, you can also visit the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, which should be experienced. It houses up to 100 elephants and is known for having the world’s largest herd of elephants. Sri Lanka therefore offers a completely unique safari trip, where you get very close to the animals.


Many people associate India with cultural experiences, but the country also offers scenic experiences as well as fantastic wildlife. India is stunning with its tropical jungles, the Ganges plain in northern India, and not least the vast and magnificent mountains of the Himalayas. On a trip to breathtaking India you can have a unique safari experience. The country has lots of beautiful national parks, where there are experiences for everyone, whether you are interested in birds, want on a guaranteed tiger ride or experience the many sounds of the jungle and observe the wild animals. Tourist Travel takes you through Kanha and Bandavgarh National Park, which are among India’s best tiger national parks. Here you can experience India’s unique wildlife, where the amazing Bengal tiger is one of the focal points.

Trekking in Asia

According to countryaah, Asia is an obvious choice of destination if you want to experience some of the world’s most amazing trekking routes. With a warm climate, unique natural scenarios and wildlife, Asia offers experiences that will make a trekking trip unique. Asia offers fantastic trekking routes, which is why we offer many different trekking trips to this part of the world. The experiences in Asia are varied and diverse, and you will get a unique insight into the locals, the wildlife and the beautiful nature.

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a small country with an impressive nature and good opportunities for trekking. Far from tourist traps and what else to associate with classic holidays, you will find unique trekking routes that take you through idyllic natural areas. Trekking in Nepal takes you through beautiful forest areas, deep mountain valleys and small towns, which give you the opportunity to get really close to the locals. Nepal also gives you the opportunity to reach heights that are over 5,000m. Get i.a. the opportunity to experience the mighty Himalayas, which stretch to incomprehensible heights and which form impressive surroundings for your journey.

Trekking in Bhutan

Bhutan is a unique country that offers great opportunities for trekking. Tourist takes you on a journey where we follow the ancient route that has over time been the connection between Paro and Bhutan’s beautiful capital, Thimphu. Trekking in Bhutan offers everything from altitudes between 2,300m to 4,000m, which gives you the opportunity to experience unique natural scenarios. Bhutan is especially suitable for trekkers who want a versatile trekking route as you embark on a journey through stunning scenery and beautiful surroundings. We tailor your trip and give you the opportunity to find a route that suits you.

Other routes in Asia

Tourist offers trekking routes to large parts of Asia’s amazing countries. India offers unforgettable walks that take you through the lush Markha Valley, which offers an average elevation of 3,500m. Both China and Tibet give you the opportunity to experience the real East as well as the unique Asian nature. Tourist offers travel where several countries can be combined, so you get the opportunity to travel through several of Asia’s fantastic countries. In addition, Sri Lanka is a country where Tourist can take you on unique tours. Here you can experience beautiful rice fields and get really close to the locals.

Safari and Nature Trips in Asia