Rupture Testicular – Symptoms and How to Treat It

The rupture testicular happens when there is a knock very strong in the intimate area that leads to the outer membrane of the testicle ruptured, causing a pain so intense, and the swelling of the scrotum.

Typically, this type of injury is most frequent in only one testicle and in athletes who practice high impact sports, such as football or tennis, for example, but it can also happen because of traffic accidents when the testicle is pressed with much force against the bones of the pelvic region, especially in accidents of motorbike.

Whenever there is suspicion of rupture of the testis is recommended to go immediately to the er to do an ultrasound exam and assess the structure of the testes. If there is rupture it is necessary to do a surgery to correct the injury.


The main symptoms

The rupture testicular usually causes the symptoms are very intense, such as:

  • Very strong pain in the testicles;
  • Swelling of the scrotum;
  • Increased sensitivity in the region of the testes;
  • Bruise and purple stain in the testicles;
  • The presence of blood in the urine;
  • Will uncontrollable vomiting.

In some cases, due to very strong pains in the region of the testicles is also common that the man passes out. Due to all these symptoms more intense than a simple shot, it is usually easy to identify that it is necessary to go to the hospital.

When the rupture is identified and treated in the early hours there is higher success rate for the repair of the injury without the need to completely remove the testicle affected.


How is it treated

The treatment of the rupture of testicular should be guided by a urologist, however, you almost always need to do a surgery with general anesthesia to stop the bleeding, remove the tissue of the testis that is dying and to close the rupture in the membrane.

In more severe cases, the testicle can become very affected and, therefore, before starting the surgery, the doctor usually asks permission to remove the testicle affected if necessary.

How is the recovery from the surgery

After surgery for rupture testicular need to stay with a small drain in the scrotum, which is a thin tube that helps remove excess fluid and blood that may accumulate during the healing process. This drain is usually removed after 24 hours before the patient to return home.

After the high, you need to take the antibiotics prescribed by the urologist, as well as the anti-inflammatory drugs, not only to relieve discomfort but also to speed up the recovery. It is still advised to keep as much of rest as possible in bed and apply cold compresses as needed to reduce swelling and improve pain.


The review query after the surgery usually happens after 1 month and serves to assess the state of healing and to receive guidance on the types of exercises that you can do.

Rupture Testicular – Symptoms and How to Treat It 1

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