Oily Skin in Men

Oily skin in men is due to some actions of hormones that make the sebaceous glands larger and causing the skin to be more oily. Moreover, oily skin has a greater tendency to the appearance of blackheads and pimples.

Treatment for oily skin man

The treatment for oily skin on the man must be made with hydration-intensive products the base is not oily.


  • Special products in post-beard
  • Control the oil with liquid soaps neutral
  • Use once a week scrub to avoid the formation of by jam

How to take care of oily skin in men

The best way to how to take care of oily skin in men is to use products specifically for male skin, being the best way to go through a consultation with the dermatologist who will prescribe the specific products for each skin type. Some specifications of male skin helps to the better understanding of the most suitable products for them:


  • The man’s skin is 24 % more sweating that the female, with a tendency to dehydration
  • pH more acid
  • Suffers more with the action of the blade razor

Products for oily skin in man

The most suitable products for oily skin in man are the products that contain less oil based products in its composition due to the presence of oil in male skin.


Soap for oily skin in man

The soap is the most indicated for oily skin in man are the products that clean and help in the control of the oiliness of the skin. It is not indicated to use soap body in the skin of the face and have a special attention to the soaps neutral.

Oily Skin in Men 1

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