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It does not get much bigger than “The Big Apple”. Here you will find the best shopping, the largest cultural offer and the best restaurants! At the Hudson River, the Statue of Liberty towers and welcomes you to the world metropolis of New York, a city with an irresistible spontaneity and charm. The city is and has historically been the primary gateway to the United States. Enjoy the sight and sound of Manhattan, the place where old meets new. It is there, among historic buildings and modern famous sights, that you experience the real New York. Check countryaah for a full list of cities in New York state.

New York


Manhattan is the most densely populated district and is architecturally characterized by the city skyline with skyscrapers that is a well-known symbol of the metropolis. Manhattan is also New York’s financial center with large business districts but also many cultural attractions. Manhattan is loosely divided into downtown, midtown and uptown.


Brooklyn is the city’s most populous district and was an independent city until 1898. Brooklyn is known for its cultural diversity, distinct neighborhood and its unique architectural heritage. Brooklyn has several universities and other educational institutions, a botanical garden and more. To the south is the famous seaside resort and entertainment area Coney Island.


The Bronx is New York’s northernmost neighborhood. The Bronx is the birthplace of rap and hip-hop culture, the site of the Yankee Stadium and home to the largest cooperatively owned housing complex in the United States, Co-op City. With the exception of a part of Manhattan known as Marble Hill, the Bronx is the only section of the city that is part of the United States mainland. The district is named after the Swede Jonas Jonson Brunk, who according to tradition was the first to settle on the site in 1639.


Harlem is a borough in northern Manhattan. The area has long been known as an important center of African American culture. Harlem played a very important role during the rise of jazz in the early 20th century and during the golden age of jazz that followed. In Harlem’s many churches you can also experience gospel music. Today, Harlem offers a great variety of experiences in culture, gastronomy and history.


is located on western Long Island and southeast of Manhattan. The district has previously been known for its large Italian-American population, but now the African-American population is in the majority. Around Brooklyn there are a number of attractions for visitors. Perhaps most famous are the large Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Coney Island Amusement Park. The neighborhood also has the New York Transit Museum, which shows how traffic in New York has developed over the years. Another popular tourist destination is the New York Aquarium, which displays animals by and in the water in all its forms.


Short for NY by abbreviationfinder, New York is located at the mouth of the Hudson River in the Atlantic. Much of New York is built on the three islands of Manhattan, Staten Island and western Long Island. The city has several well-known neighborhoods well worth visiting such as Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan and Harlem. Manhattan is surrounded by two rivers, the Hudson River and the East River.


New York has a humid temperate climate with often noticeably cold winters and longer hotter summers. In summer, the average temperatures are around 28 ° C during the day and 20 ° C at night. During the winter it is zero degrees, with an average of 55 days with temperatures below zero.


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