Mumps in Man Possible Complications and Treatment

One of the possible complications of mumps is to cause male infertility, this is because the disease can not only affect the gland parotid, also known as the salivary glands, but also glands of the testis. This is because these glands have similarities to the physiological between them and it is for this reason that the disease may “go down” even to the testicles.

When this happens, then arises an inflammation in the testicles called Orchitis, which destroys the epithelium germinative of the testicles, the place where occurs the production of sperm, which ends up causing infertility in man.

How do you know if the mumps went down

Some of the symptoms that indicate the descent of mumps to the testicles include:

  • Ejaculation and urine-the blood;
  • Pain and swelling in the testicles;
  • Lump in the testicles;
  • Fever;
  • Malaise and discomfort;
  • Excess of sweat in the region of the testes;
  • Feel that you have the testicles warm.

Treatment of the mumps in the testicle

The treatment of the mumps in the testicle, known as Orchitis, is similar to the recommended treatment for the mumps, the common, where it is indicated home and rest and take medicine pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen, for example.

How to know if the disease has caused Infertility

Any child or man who has had symptoms of the mumps in the testicles has a chance of suffering from infertility, even when it was done, the treatment recommended by the doctor to treat the disease. Thus, it is recommended that all men who have had mumps in the testicles, and that presents difficulties to become pregnant, you carry out tests to assess infertility.

The diagnosis of infertility can arise already in the adult age, when man tries to have children, by performing semen analysis, a test that analyzes the amount and quality of sperm produced.


How to prevent Mumps and its complications

The best way to prevent mumps, also known as mumps or mumps infectious, is avoiding contact with other individuals infected with the disease, since it spreads by inhalation of droplets of saliva or perdigotos of infected people.

To prevent the Mumps, it is recommended that children from 12 months of age, to take the Mmr Vaccine, that protects the body against disease and its complications.This vaccine also protects the body from other infectious diseases such as measles and rubella. In adults, to protect yourself from disease it is recommended the vaccine mitigated against mumps.

Mumps can cause Infertility Female?

In women, Mumps can cause an inflammation in the ovaries called Ooforite, which can cause symptoms such as abdominal pain and bleeding.


The treatment of Ooforite should be done with the assistance of a gynecologist, who will prescribe the use of antibiotics such as Amoxicillin or Azithromycin, or painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen or Paracetamol, for example. In addition, Mumps in woman can lead to a Precocious Ovarian failure that is the aging of the ovaries prior to the time and cause of infertility, but this is very rare.

Mumps in Man Possible Complications and Treatment 1

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