Mountain States: Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming

When the “Mountain States” are mentioned, many USA fans get shining eyes. Because the mountain states, as the term is literally translated, are among the most interesting areas that nature lovers can visit on a trip to the USA.

Mountain States
After all, the name Mountain States does not come from any mountains or mountains, but from a very special and world-famous one. We are of course talking about the Rocky Mountains, which in all their splendor and magnificence stretch through states such as Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming.

The Mountain States are a “year-round resort”

According to acronymmonster, the Mountain States are not only the first choice for travelers to the USA because of their nature and the corresponding nature reserves. Here visitors can also get closer to the history of the indigenous people of the continent in an impressive way. In Colorado, for example, it has been working excellently in Manitou Springs since 1870. That year European visitors discovered that the water of the native Ute Indians had healing powers. The small settlement developed into a health resort, which is still visited today because of its extremely good air and anyway because of its beautiful surroundings. Colorado is a US state that is in season all year round. Here you can ski very well. One of the most famous winter sports locations is Aspen. The state of Montana, the northernmost of the Mountain States, is a scenic gem. Montana borders Canada and is partly of breathtaking natural beauty. The tourist rarely has to share this beauty. Because although Montana is the fourth largest state in the United States in terms of area, it is the third from last in terms of settlement. However, if you come in the high season, you won’t be able to enjoy the highlights of the country all by yourself. The glacier wonders of Glacier National Park and the access roads to Yellowstone National Park, three of the five of which are located on the state territory of Montana, are not exclusive.

Beware, wild animals

Finally, Wyoming offers pure USA romance. This state also offers great sports opportunities all year round that are unparalleled in Europe. In addition, you can visit rodeos here in a very stylish way or go dancing to live music in a real country & western bar in the evening. One of the highlights of Wyoming is the access to Yellowstone National Park. The park can of course be visited by car, but you can also hike here (checklist for a hiking holiday). However, this is less suitable for the faint of heart. In the park you can not only see eagles and elegant antelopes in the wild. Grizzly bears, wolves and moose are also among the “residents” of the national park.

You have to be lucky!

Also, Nevada is a US state, the extraordinary scenic beauty has to offer. But honestly, this country is world famous for something different. It houses the glittering world of the gamblers’ paradises Las Vegas and Reno. It’s all about money – and how best to spend it! Luxurious shopping, first-class restaurants, the best shows in the world and nightclubs where people dance until the early hours of the morning determine the atmosphere of Las Vegas and Reno. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to be a gamer to get to know this piece of America. Incidentally, Nevada is also almost something of a paradise for golfers. Golf clubs and golf hotels are plentiful and guests are always welcome. If you get a little too hot with all this, take a detour to Lake Tahoe or the Hoover Dam. You should definitely not miss both sights.

A case for real outdoor freaks is the state of Utah. All year round, fresh air fanatics and sports enthusiasts will find everything (and more!) Their hearts desire here. Even the bravest and most adventurous characters get their money’s worth. In summer, for example, you can go on a discovery tour in white water kayaks or whiz down daring snowboard slopes in winter. In addition, of course, Utah also has the whole program of the somewhat tamer sports like downhill skiing or golf. If you want to take a break in between, you will still not get bored. There’s a lot to see and learn in Utah. With Salt Lake City the state has a vibrant metropolis that is also a winter sports resort. In 2002 the Winter Olympics were held here. Salt Lake City is also a Mormon stronghold. If you come to Utah with children or if you are enthusiastic about prehistoric natural finds, you should visit the “Dinosaur National Monument”, which takes you into the world of dinosaurs in a spectacular way.

Mountain States