It Is Possible to Get Pregnant the Sex Stopped?

The coitus interrupted consists in the withdrawal of the penis from inside the vagina seconds before ejaculation. This technique is usually used by teenagers who are afraid of getting pregnant, but this is not a safe method to avoid unwanted pregnancy, with 18% chance of failure, which is considered quite high.

The woman can become pregnant through the intercourse stopped for two reasons:

  • Because the man can have difficulty in controlling the moment of ejaculation, and she winds up happening when the penis is still inside the vagina;


  • Because even before ejaculation, there is a lubricating liquid is produced by man, which contains small amounts of sperm, which can already reach up to the egg, beginning the pregnancy.

Another disadvantage is that the coitus interrupted and does not prevent against sexually transmitted diseases, such as syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia and the HIV virus, and this practice is totally discouraged. The ideal is that the couple use a heading for each intimate contact because it protects from pregnancy, and also of the gynecological diseases.


When the coitus interrupted can be a good option

When the woman has a very regular menstrual cycle and is able to know exactly when is your fertile period every month, the coitus interrupted can be a possibility if the couple does not have access to any other contraceptive method, although it is very risky, and there is the possibility of getting pregnant.

It Is Possible to Get Pregnant the Sex Stopped 1

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