It Is Possible to Do a Prostate Exam Without a Rectal Examination?

The examination of the prostate without rectal examination can be done with a blood test called the PSA and the ultrasound of the pelvis, but these can leave no doubt, delaying the diagnosis and increasing the risk of cancer is discovered only at a more advanced stage, with lower chances of cure.

Thus, the best tests for the diagnosis of CA of prostate is still in the initial stage are the blood test PSA and digital rectal examination, which provide more concrete information for the doctor. These two tests complement each other and therefore must be always requested together.

How to assess the prostate without rectal examination


The digital rectal examination is not carried by many men, because they think that will impair your manhood. For this reason, some tests that may be done to evaluate the prostate without the need for a rectal examination, although they are not the most indicated, are:

  1. Blood test PSA

The PSA, also called Prostate-specific Antigen Benign, is an enzyme produced by the prostate gland and found in high concentrations in the blood in case of prostate cancer, for example.

This examination is done from the collection of a blood sample that must be sent to the lab for analysis to verify the levels of PSA in the blood.

The PSA test with values higher than 4 ng/ml may indicate a change in the prostate, such as prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia or even a suspicion of cancer, and therefore, if the doctor find it necessary after the PSA, you can apply for other exams of the prostate gland, helping in medical diagnosis.


Only the result of the PSA can be no doubt, therefore, this examination should be done immediately after the digital rectal examination, because the doctor can assess the size and consistency of the prostate.

2. Ultrasound pelvic male

Ultrasonography pelvic male, via abdominal is an imaging that aims to visualize in real time any organ, as for example the prostate.

To do ultrasonography of the pelvis is necessary to take about 10 glasses of water so that the bladder becomes full enough to allow visualization of the prostate. Ultrasonography pelvic lasts on average 10 minutes and can identify some abnormalities of the prostate, such as their increase, their shape and the presence of calcifications.

However, ultrasonography pelvic male is made through the abdomen does not detect prostate cancer, delaying the diagnosis of a disease that has high chances of cure when detected early. So, this is not an examination usually indicated for early detection of CA prostate and not a substitute with clarity the digital rectal examination.

When do the exams of the prostate


The prostate exam, PSA + real touch, are indicated for all men with age from 50 years, but when there is a history in the family, the examination should be done from the age of 45, each year. However, when the patient has already had hyperplasia benign prostatic, the examination of the prevention should be done annually, regardless of age.

It Is Possible to Do a Prostate Exam Without a Rectal Examination 1

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