How to Take Creatine to Increase the Muscles

Creatine is a dietary supplement that many athletes adhere to, especially athletes in the areas of bodybuilding, weight training or sports that require explosive muscle, as a racing speed. This supplement helps in gain of lean body mass, increases diameter of muscle fibers and improves the physical performance, as well as help in the prevention of sports injuries.

Creatine is a substance naturally produced by the kidneys and liver, and the supplements of this compound may be taken for approximately 2 to 3 months, under the guidance of a doctor, dietician or nutritionist, varying the maintenance dose between 3 and 5 g per day according to weight.

How to take Creatine?

The creatine supplements can be taken 3 different ways, all of which can present benefits in muscle mass increase, but always accompanied with strength training because the supplementation without strength training and proper nutrition does not lead to any increase in muscle mass.


The most common form of use is the supplementation of creatine for 3 months, in which the supplementation is made with about 2 to 5 grams of creatine per day during 2 to 3 months. Another option is supplementation of creatine with overhead, in that in the first days of supplementation, are taken to be 0.3 g/kg creatine dose should be divided for 3 to 4 times per day. This type of supplementation promotes the saturation of the muscle, and then reduce the dose to 5 grams per day for 12 weeks.

Regardless of the form of consumption, supplementation of creatine should be done under the guidance of a doctor or nutritionist and must be accompanied by intense training and proper nutrition. It is recommended that creatine is taken after the workout along with a carbohydrate of high glycemic index, so that it generated a peak of insulin and, thus, the power load by the body more easily, having more benefits.

Benefits of creatine

Creatine is a supplement cheap and has various benefits, the main ones:

  • Provides energy to the muscle fibers, preventing muscle fatigue and improving strength training;
  • Facilitates muscle recovery;
  • Increases muscle volume, since it promotes the accumulation of fluid within the cells;
  • Promotes the gain of muscle mass by fat-free.

Taking creatine is bad?

Taking creatine in recommended doses does no harm to the body, because the recommended doses are very low, which makes that there is not sufficient quantity to overwhelm the kidneys.

However, the best and safest way to take creatine is through the monitoring of a doctor or nutritionist, because it is important to respect the doses legally recommended and periodically evaluate their effects on the body. In addition, it is important that those who practice physical exercise do a proper diet, that will ensure the replenishment of energy and the correct recovery of muscles.

Creatine can be taken at any time of the day, as it has a cumulative effect in the body and does not immediate, and there is therefore the need to take the supplement in the time specifies. In addition, creatine is shown to increase muscle size, strength and improve performance, not being recommended to lose weight.

Creatine makes you fat?

Creatine generally does not cause weight gain, however, one of the effects of its use is the swelling of the muscle cells, which causes the muscles to become more swollen, but not necessarily is related with the water retention. However, there are some types of creatine that have other substances components of creatine, such as sodium, for example, and this is the substance responsible for the retention of water.


Thus, it is important that the creatine is indicated by the physician or nutritionist, and should be consumed as directed, in addition to pay attention to the label of the product.

How to Take Creatine to Increase the Muscles 1

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