How to Put a Condom Male Correctly

The condom male is a method that, in addition to avoiding a pregnancy, it also protects against several sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV, chlamydia or gonorrhoea.

However, to ensure these benefits need to be well placed. To do this, it is important to follow the following steps:

  1. Confirm if the condom is within the expiry dateand that the packaging is not damaged with tears or holes;
  2. Open the packaging carefullywithout using teeth, fingernails, knives or scissors;
  3. Hold the tip of the condom and try to unwind a little bit, to identify the correct side. If the condom does not unroll, turn the tip to the other side;
  4. Place the condom on the head of the penis, squeezing the tip of the condom to prevent the entry of air;
  5. Unroll the condom down to the base of the penisand then, holding the base of the condom, pull back slightly on the tip to create a space between the penis and the condom;
  6. Tighten the space created at the tipof the condom to remove any air.

After ejaculation, one must remove the condom with the penis still erect and close the hand opening to prevent the sperm to exit. Then, must give a small node in the middle of the condom and throw in the trash, because for each relationship should use a condom new.


The condom should also be used during the contact of the genital organ with the mouth or with the anus to avoid that these bodies are contaminated with some kind of disease.

There are several types of condoms male, which vary in size, color, thickness, material and even flavor, and can be easily purchased in pharmacies and some supermarkets. In addition, condoms can also be acquired in the health posts for free. See what are the types of condoms and for that it serves each one.

5 most common mistakes in time to put the condom

According to several surveys, the most common errors related to the use of the condom include:

1. Do not observe if there are damages

Although this is one of the most important steps at the time of using the condom, many men forget to notice the packaging to check the expiry date and look out for possible damages, which can reduce the effectiveness of the condom.

What to do: before opening the condom is very important to confirm the expiration date and verify there are no holes or tears in the packaging. In addition, they should never open the packaging using the teeth, nails or a knife, for example, because it may tear the condom.

2. Put the condom on too late

More than half of the men put the condom on after you have started the penetration but before ejaculation to prevent pregnancy. However, this practice does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases and even reduce the risk, does not completely prevent a pregnancy because the lubricating liquid is released before the sperm can also contain sperm.


What to do: put the condom on before any type of penetration, and before the oral sex.

3. Unrolling the condom before putting

Unroll the condom completely before putting it hinders the process and can result in minor damage that increase the risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases.

What to do: the condom should be rolled on the penis, from the tip to the base, allowing that to be well placed.

4. Do not leave space at the tip of the condom

After putting on a condom is common to forget to leave a free space between the head of the penis and the condom. This increases the chances of the condom bursting, especially after ejaculation, when sperm fills all the free space.

What to do: after unrolling the condom on the penis, you should hold the condom at the base and lightly pull at the tip to create a reservoir in the front. Then, it is important to tighten this reservoir to expel the air that may get trapped.

5. Use a condom without lubricant

Lubrication is very important during intimate contact and, is therefore, that the penis produces a fluid that helps lubricate. However, when using a condom, this liquid cannot pass, and, if the lubrication of the woman is not enough, the friction created between the condom and the vagina can tear the condom.

What to do: use grease to maintain adequate lubrication during the relationship.

Another option is to use the female condoms that should be used by the woman during the relationship, see how to place correctly to avoid pregnancy and prevent disease.


The condom can be reused?

The condom is a contraceptive method that is disposable, or is, in any case can be reused. This is because the re-use of the condom can increase the chances of disruption and, consequently, disease transmission, and even pregnancy.

In addition, the washing of the condom with soap and water is not enough to eliminate fungi, viruses or bacteria that may be present, increasing the chance of transmission of these infectious agents, especially those responsible for sexually transmitted diseases.

After the use of the condom, it is recommended to dispose of it and, if there is desire for a sexual relation, it is necessary to use another condom.

How to Put a Condom Male Correctly 1

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