How to Identify and Treat PMS Male

The TPM male can be known as irritable man irritable or syndrome of irritation to the male. The professionals that advocate the existence of this syndrome, they claim that it is caused by a sudden drop in the levels of testosterone in the body, which have a direct influence on mood.

This change in the amount of testosterone does not have certain period to happen, but it is influenced by situations of stress and anxiety, as happens in cases of illness, worry or stress post traumatic stress disorder, for example.

This syndrome causes changes in the mood of some men, generating symptoms such as irritability, aggressiveness and emotionality. However, the TPM male is different from the TPM feminine, because it is not associated with the hormonal changes monthly, as in the menstrual cycle, and by this, it can happen any day of the month.


Know if it is PMS male

To know if it is the syndrome of the man irritable, the following symptoms may be present:

  1. Bad mood;
  2. Aggressiveness;
  3. Impatience;
  4. Melancholy;
  5. Emotionality;
  6. Voltage;
  7. Discouragement or sadness;
  8. Stress at home or at work;
  9. Feeling of being overloaded;
  10. Jealousy excessive;
  11. Decrease in sexual desire.

If 6 or more of these symptoms are present, it is possible that in the case of the syndrome of the man irritable, and, to confirm, the doctor may indicate a blood test to measure the amount of testosterone.


However, it is important to differentiate this syndrome from other diseases more likely of the mind, such as generalized anxiety or dysthymia, for example, and, therefore, it is required a consultation with a general practitioner or a psychiatrist, who will ask you questions, and psychological assessments additional to the diagnosis.

In addition, if these symptoms last for more than 14 days, and significantly affect the person’s life, can treat depression, and when they had suspicion of this disease, you should also look for a general practitioner or psychiatrist for diagnosis and treatment with antidepressant medications and psychotherapy.

What are the causes

The cause of the syndrome of the man irritable is the sudden reduction of testosterone levels, which can happen at any time, but usually caused by emotional factors and stress, so the treatment is done with the replacement of this hormone, by an endocrinologist, in addition to psychotherapy for controlling anxiety and aggression.


These hormonal changes can happen more easily in some periods of the life of men, as in adolescence, in middle age and in advanced age. However, the syndrome of the man irritable also, not to be confused with andropause, which is a continuous reduction in the levels of testosterone what happens in some elderly men.

What to do

When confirmed the treatment of this syndrome must be done with the endocrinologist, or urologist, which may indicate the replacement of testosterone through pills or injections. In addition, it is recommended to perform psychotherapy, to help in the control of symptoms.

In addition, there are also natural ways that help increase testosterone, as rich foods and zinc, vitamin A and D, physical activity, and sleep well.

How to Identify and Treat PMS Male 1

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