How to Get to Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein does not have its own airport, the nearest one is based in Zurich. Aeroflot regularly flies there from Moscow: departure from Sheremetyevo, travel time – from 3.5 hours, tickets – from 230 EUR round-trip. Swiss Airlines also has direct flights, departure from Domodedovo, the same amount on the road, the cost is from 170 EUR round trip.

Getting there with transfers is not much cheaper: Air France and KLM deliver via Amsterdam (there) and Paris (back) for 160 EUR in both directions and 6-16 hours, Air Serbia Рvia Belgrade for 170 EUR and 5-12 hours, Air Baltic Рvia Riga for 140 EUR and 5-25 hours. According to petwithsupplies, Vaduz is one of the largest cities in Liechtenstein.

Swiss Airlines fly directly from St. Petersburg to Zurich: tickets – from 180 EUR round trip, flight time – 3 hours 15 minutes. KL transfer flights cost from 150 EUR round-trip (connection in Amsterdam, route duration – 6-25 hours), the same carrier in tandem with Air France carries through the French and Dutch capitals for 165 EUR and 5, 5-20 hours. The fastest flights are with Norra, Finnair and Swiss Airlines: 440 EUR in both directions, there via Helsinki in 4.5 hours, from there directly in exactly 3 hours.

Trains of the Swiss Federal Railways run hourly between Zurich and the border cities of Bux and Sargans (off. site in English). To get started, you need to get to the Central Station by train for 3.40 CHF or taxi for 50 CHF. The journey to Bux lasts just over an hour, tickets cost 35-65 CHF, depending on the class of carriage. From there it is easy to get to the principality: suburban buses rush to Liechtenstein cities in 5-15 minutes and 1-5 CHF. In addition, a train runs from Bux to the Austrian Feldkirch through the Shan, it takes only 5 minutes to get to the commune, the ticket price is 6-10 CHF.

If desired, you can get to Liechtenstein and through Basel. Connecting flights from Moscow are carried out by Air France, Cityjet, KL, Turkish Airlines and other carriers (tickets from 180 EUR in both directions, transfers in Paris, Istanbul, Brussels, etc.). Air France, HOP!, British Airways, KL Am deliver from St. Petersburg (prices – from 190 EUR in both directions, connections in Paris, London, Amsterdam and other cities). From Basel you have to take a train to Aarau (35 minutes, 20-35 CHF), and then a couple of minutes by bus to Bux (1 CHF).

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The only public transport in Liechtenstein are buses owned by Liechtenstein Bus. The car park is small: 19 petrol and 27 diesel cars plying on 13 routes. They link all the communes of the principality with each other, some pass through the borders, so that you can get to the Swiss Bux, Seevelen and Sargans or the Austrian Feldkirch and Giesingen.

The schedule is built in such a way that buses arrive at the station at the same time, and passengers have time to transfer to another route.

Tickets are sold from drivers, the price depends on the number of zones into which the territory of Liechtenstein is conditionally divided. A trip within one zone costs 3 CHF, within 4 zones – 8 CHF. The cost of a 3-day pass is from 15 CHF for one zone to 45 CHF for everything. For holders of the Swiss Travel Pass, travel in Liechtenstein transport is free.

Traveling around the country on a bicycle is a special pleasure: it is easy to drive around the tiny cities in a couple of hours, enjoying the magnificent landscapes, architecture and atmosphere. You can rent a two-wheeled “horse” at the tourist office or the post office in Vaduz, or pick it up completely free of charge at any of the 13 FreeVeloPoints scattered throughout the Principality.

It is unlikely that you will catch a taxi on the street, but it will not be difficult to find them in parking lots near hotels or call them by phone. Fares – from 6 CHF per landing plus 2-3.50 CHF for each km, at night and on weekends the price increases.

Rent a Car

Liechtenstein is a joy for drivers: the distances are minimal, the roads are good, paved, there are no paid sections, no one is reckless, and the views from the windows are amazing. There are car rental points in Vaduz, Triesen and other communes, a small car will cost from 60 CHF, a standard model – from 65 CHF, a station wagon – from 100 CHF, a minivan or SUV – from 165 CHF per day. The cost of gasoline is 1.75 CHF per 1 liter.

The list of documents required for renting includes an international driving license issued more than a year ago, a passport and a credit card. The age of the applicant is from 20 years old, when renting premium models – from 25 years old.

Right-hand traffic, speed limit in settlements – 50 km / h, between cities – 80 km / h, on expressways – 120 km / h, fines for violation – up to 260 CHF (if exceeded by 26 km / h or more – from CHF 1500). The maximum allowable level of alcohol in the driver’s blood is 0.8 ppm: if you use more, they can deprive you of your rights. There are a little more than 80 police officers for the whole of Liechtenstein, employees of the same department monitor the safety on the streets and roads – polite, but vigilant and strict.

There are almost no traffic jams, there are many parking lots, on weekends most of them are free, on weekdays they do not charge for 1 hour, then – an average of 1.50 CHF per hour.

How to Get to Liechtenstein