How to Get Pregnant Someone Who Did the Vasectomy

The best way to get pregnant of someone that has done a vasectomy is to have unprotected intercourse until 3 months after the surgical procedure, since during this period some sperm can still get out during the ejaculation, increasing the chances of pregnancy.

After this period, chances of pregnancy are minimal, and if the couple really want to get pregnant, the man must submit to a new surgery to reverse a vasectomy and do not reconnect the vas deferens cut.


However, the surgical reattachment may not be completely effective, especially if the procedure is done 5 years after the vasectomy, because with time the body starts to produce antibodies capable of eliminating the sperm when they are produced, decreasing the chances of pregnancy even with surgery to reconnect.

How is the surgery to reverse the vasectomy

This surgery is done with general anesthesia in the hospital and usually takes between 2 to 4 hours, and the recovery also lasts a few hours. However, most of the men can return home on the same day.

Although recovery is rapid, it is necessary a period of 3 weeks before you return to activities of daily living, including intimate contact. During this time, the doctor may prescribe some medicines for pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen, to relieve the discomfort that can arise principally when walking or sitting.


Surgery to reverse a vasectomy has a greater chance of success when it is made in the first 3 years, of which more than half of the cases can go to get pregnant.

Option to get pregnant after a vasectomy

In cases where the man does not want to do the surgery to reconnect the canals or the surgery was not effective for getting pregnant again, the couple can choose to fertilization in vitro.

In this technique the sperm are collected by a doctor, directly to the channel that was connected to the testicle and are then introduced in a sample of oocytes in the laboratory to form embryos which are then placed inside the woman’s uterus to produce a pregnancy.

In some cases, the man may even leave some sperm frozen prior to vasectomy so that they can be used later in the techniques of fertilization, without the need to collect directly from the testicle.

How to Get Pregnant Someone Who Did the Vasectomy 1

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