How to Do the Technique of Jelqing to Enlarge the Penis

The technique of Jelqing is a completely natural way of increasing the size of the penis that can be made at home using just your hands, and it is, therefore, a more economical option to the devices of penile enlargement.

Although it is a very simple technique and painless, when it is done the wrong way can cause injuries on the penis and, in this way, it is important to read all the step-by-step before you use.

How it works the technique

This technique allows you to increase the circulation of blood to the sexual organ, stretching the body of the penis, and increasing your ability to receive blood. To receive more blood, the penis gets larger and thicker.

When it comes to the results


The first results can usually be noticed after 1 or 2 months of use of the technique, being possible to identify a size increase of up to 0.5 cm. However, with the passage of time, it may be possible to identify change in size of the penis up to 2 or 3 cm, for example.

Step-by-step to do the correct technique

To make the technique of Jelqing correctly and avoid injury to the penis, they must respect the 3 different phases:

1. Phase of the heating

The first step is very important, because it ensures the heating of the tissue of the body of the penis, reducing the risk of injury during the remaining steps of the technique. Some ways of warming up include:

  • Take a warm bath;
  • Put a compress or warm towel on the penis;
  • Apply a hot water bottle.

After warming up, you must put the penis on a medium level of erection, to allow the entry of more blood in the body of the organ. The ideal level is that the penis is erect but not hard enough to make a penetration, for example.

Then you can apply a bit of lubricant before you start the next phase, so as to facilitate the movements of the technique and cause less discomfort.


2. Phase of the exercises

After doing the previous phase and arrive at the correct level of erection, you can start to phase of exercises, which includes:

  1. Hold on to the base of the penis, surrounding it with the index finger and thumb, so as to form the symbol sign for “ok”, as shown in the image;
  2. Tighten slightly the body of the peniswith the fingers, without causing pain, but with force enough to trap the blood in the body of the penis;
  3. Slide the hand upwardto the base of the glans of the penis, without passing through the head of the penis;
  4. Repeat the stepswith the other hand, while still grabbing at the base of the glans with the first hand.

These steps must be repeated about 20 times, especially in men who are starting out in the technique.


3. The phase of elongation

This phase helps to prevent the feeling of penis sore and also facilitate the healing of body tissue of the organ. For this reason, you should make small massages circulars on the penis, using the thumb and the indicator, by approximately 1 to 2 minutes.

Finally, we can return to put a hot compress on the penis, for 2 to 5 minutes, to facilitate the circulation of the blood.

When you do the technique

The technique of Jelqing should be made, initially, between 2 to 3 times per week, but their frequency can be increased over time to 4 or 5 times per week.

How to Do the Technique of Jelqing to Enlarge the Penis 1

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