How to Avoid Ejaculation, Involuntary During Sleep

The ejaculation of the night, scientifically called espermatorreia, and popularly called ‘wet dreams’, is shedding involuntary sperm during sleep, an event normal during adolescence, or also in the periods in which the man is many days without sexual intercourse.

The main cause is the excessive production of sperm by the body, which are not eliminated during intimate contact, are naturally eliminated during the sleep, even though the boy does not have erotic dreams or remember them, and to avoid this discomfort is indicated having sex more frequently.

Treatment and Prevention


The treatment for espermatorreia can be done the natural way, by increasing the consumption of garlic, onion and ginger and drinking fruit juices, such as pineapple or plum, to improve the blood circulation.

In addition to the previous treatments, there are remedies such as pills of Ashwagandha, a plant that regulates the hormonal functioning of male and increases the power in man that can be taken to treat in the treatment, with medical orientation.

Men who suffer from espermatorreia in adult life should avoid spicy foods, drink water before you go to bed and wear tight clothes during the night. Sitz baths of cold water, and urinating before bedtime, may be helpful to avoid ejaculation involuntary during the night, as well as relax through Yoga, quiet music and reading good books.

What it is and why it happens


The causes of night-time erections then spill sperm can be masturbation, excessive sexual abstinence, prolonged, fatigue, erotic dreams, excessive fatigue, tightness in the foreskin or even a inflammation of the prostate, being that this is the less common cause.

In adolescence it is very common for men to suffer this pollution of the night, as have the levels of testosterone in the body very high, which causes an increase in the production of sperm and, consequently, need to free their excess body.

Frequent episodes out of this involuntary sperm during sleep can be harmful to health because in some children can cause:

  • Depression;
  • Low concentration;
  • Lack of sexual appetite;
  • Increased urge to urinate.


In these cases, the individual should consult a urologist to assess the situation and verify that there are no other associated diseases.

How to Avoid Ejaculation, Involuntary During Sleep 1

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