How It Works and Where to Make the Donation of Sperm

Sperm donation is a voluntary act in which a man can donate his sperm to be used by couples or women, who do not have access to the sperm fertile or quality, but who wish to become pregnant and raise a family.

Generally, the sperm is collected and frozen in a sperm bank, and then selected by the candidates, thawed, and used in the processes of fertilization in vitro. 

Throughout the process, both the identity of the donor as of the candidates is kept in the anonymity, according to the law determined by Anvisa and by the Federal Council of Medicine.

Who can donate


Sperm donation can be made by men that meet the following criteria:

  • Be between 18 and 45 years;
  • Be healthy and do not have sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Not belong to the risk group to against std infection s;
  • Do not have genetic diseases or congenital diseases in the family.

In addition, it is still recommended that the donor live near a clinic fertilization where if you make the donation, or a sperm bank, since it is necessary to do blood tests and frequent donations, at least every 6 months to ensure the best quality.

After the first donation, the sperm sample is analysed and the case is quality, the man should do blood tests to evaluate your health. If all tests are correct, the man is approved by the medical staff and shall be a donor.


Where to make the donation

The donation of sperm can usually be done in Sperm Banks, such as the Pro Seed or the IVI, for example.

Prior to donation is advised the man to stay between 3 to 7 days without having sexual relations or masturbation, so as to ensure the best quality of the sample.

There is remuneration for the donation?

In Brazil, the donation of sperm may not be paid, since, by law, the payment for samples of sperm is prohibited.

However, the donors receive free of charge the results of their examinations, which includes semen analysis, espermocultura, blood tests and consultation with a urologist.

How It Works and Where to Make the Donation of Sperm 1

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