Heidelberg – a Central European Idyll along the River Neckar

Heidelberg with its handsome castles represents Germany of fairy tales. It is easy to enjoy yourself in this small town. Read Rantapallo’s destination guide and plan your own holiday!

The Neckar Valley is easy to reach

Located in the wine region of the Neckar Valley, a tributary of the Rhine, the city of Heidelberg is one of Germany’s most famous tourist towns . Heidelberg’s biggest asset is the handsome castle rising next to the city center, which will be viewed from all over the world. The fairytale-like atmosphere created by the castle landscape is accentuated by the historic center, which is full of restaurants, cafés and small shops.


You typically come to Heidelberg for a day or two as part of a longer trip to Germany. There are good transport links and it is easy to get to the city by both public and private cars. For example, a holiday in Frankfurt or Stuttgart makes it easy to hop on a train and take a day trip to Heidelberg.

Heidelberg Castle is now partly in ruins, but some of its premises have survived in their former appearance.

Heidelberg is ideal for year-round tourism

Heidelberg is a year-round tourist town that is suitable as a holiday destination in any season. The city is at its most beautiful during the long summer in Central Europe, but the holiday atmosphere can be reached even in the cold of winter. Under Christmas, from the end of November, the streets of the old town are filled with Christmas market stalls. In July-August, Heidelberg is downright crowded, so it’s wisest to schedule a visit outside of the busiest season.

Heidelberg has a population of only about 150,000. Heidelberg is suitable for both families and solo or two travelers. Holidaying with children makes it easy to find interesting things to do for all ages. Many backpackers and riders also choose Heidelberg as part of their European conquest.

Heidelberg Castle

The gourmet will find what he is looking for

Accommodation and restaurant dining in Germany is a bit cheaper than in Finland, and a holiday in Heidelberg is easily possible on a smaller budget. The exception to this, however, is the accommodation prices during the busiest season, as during the summer months, the city is full of visitors. Outside of the busiest season, before and after July-August, even cheaper hotels are easier to find.

Heidelberg’s tourist reputation is also reflected in the abundance of services. The old town is full of restaurants and wine cellars, ice cream parlors and bakeries. It is not difficult for a gourmet or those interested in wine culture to find something to taste here. As the evening fades, the hustle and bustle of the city calms down a bit and life shifts to the restaurants. Feel free to sample German specialties and local wine.

Learn basic phrases in German

Heidelberg is a safe and easy travel destination with the basic infrastructure and services a tourist needs. As in any city destination, it is of course worth taking care of your property here and staying vigilant against pickpockets.

In terms of language skills, basic German skills help, but English also works well in Heidelberg. The city is visited by so many tourists that the language skills of those applying for service professions are good. Remember to leave tips every time you shop at a restaurant. Good and normal service in Germany should always be thanked for a small drink. It can be rounded directly to the grand total or left in cash on the table.



A cruise on the River Neckar is a peaceful and easy way to explore the Heidelberg landscape.

Flights via Frankfurt

The easiest way to get to Heidelberg is to book flights to Frankfurt and continue your journey by train. Flights from Helsinki to Frankfurt cost about 250 – 450 euros depending on the time of booking and the season. The flight is about 2.5 hours. There are regular connections from Frankfurt Airport to Heidelberg until the evening. The train journey takes about an hour.

Heidelberg is also easy to reach by road. Thanks to its location, it is a typical stopover along the route for car holidaymakers traveling to the Alps or the Mediterranean, for example. Those arriving in Heidelberg by car should be prepared for the fact that the Old Town was not built on the conditions of the modern world. The streets are narrow and there are not enough parking spaces for everyone. It is smart to inquire about the possibility of parking from the hotel in advance or at least to find out the location of the nearest parking garage.

The best hotels are in the old town

Heidelberg is a popular tourist town and is also reflected in the accommodation offer. There are plenty of hotels, many of which are located either in or around the Old Town. Accommodation prices are slightly higher in the busiest summer season than in the quieter winter season. Book your hotel well in advance if you plan to travel in July-August.

A double room from a basic hotel in the old town is typically available for around 80-100 euros, but even cheaper will be available if you are willing to compromise on location and hotel standard. Correspondingly, a luxury seeker will find what he or she wants, and then the prices will rise to around two hundred euros or even higher.

Virtually all of Heidelberg’s most famous places to visit are located in or in the immediate vicinity of the Old Town, so it’s smart to stay in the same area. This will avoid long journeys and taxi or tram costs.

Getting around in Heidelberg

Getting around Heidelberg is effortless and almost everything can be reached on foot. Public transport consists of buses and trams. The main train station is located in the newer part of the city, a few kilometers from the tourist center of the old town.

Regular, daily and monthly tickets are available for the public transport network as usual, but city cards are also available. The Heidelberg Card serves as a ticket for all means of public transport and also offers discounts and free admission to museums and other places to visit. The railway cable car to the castle is also one of the card’s benefits. The Heidelberg Card is available in different versions for one or more day visits. Travelers with children will benefit the most, as the family ticket covers two adults and up to three children at a very affordable total price.

Taxis are cheap in Heidelberg compared to Finland and are easily available throughout the city center.