Espermatocele: What Is, Symptoms and Treatment

The espermatocele, also known as cyst, seminal or cyst epididimal, is a small pouch that develops in the epididymis, which is the location where the channel that carries the sperm connects to the testicle. In this bag there is the accumulation of small amounts of sperm and, therefore, may indicate an obstruction in one of the channels, although it is not always possible to identify the cause.

In most cases, the espermatocele does not cause any kind of pain, being only identified with palpation of the testicles in the shower, for example.

Although almost always benign, this change should always be evaluated by a urologist, since this type of change can also be a sign of a malignant tumor, even in the rarest of cases. Typically, the espermatocele does not reduce the fertility of the man and, therefore, may also not need treatment.


The main symptoms

The main sign of the espermatocele is the emergence of a small lump next to testicle, which can be moved, but that does not hurt. However, if we continue to grow over time, can begin to produce other symptoms such as:

  • Pain or discomfort in the side of the testicle affected;
  • Heavy feeling in the intimate area;
  • The presence of stone is great next to the testicle.

When it is identified any changes in the testicle, even if there are no other symptoms, it is very important to consult a urologist to outwit the other most serious causes, such as torsion of the testis or even cancer, for example.

How is it treated

Once the largest part of the espermatoceles does not cause any kind of complication or discomfort, usually you do not need any type of treatment. However, the urologist can mark queries frequently, about 2 times a year, to assess the size of the cyst and to ensure that there is suffering changes that may indicate malignancy.


Already the espermatocele cause discomfort or pain during the day-to-day the doctor may prescribe the use of medicine to decrease the inflammation, like Ibuprofen or Acetominofeno. After you use these remedies for 1 or 2 weeks, the symptoms can disappear completely and, if this happens, do not need any more treatment. However, if the symptoms persist you can be still recommended to do a small surgery.

Surgery to espermatocele

Surgery to treat a espermatocele, also known as espermatocelectomia, is usually done with general anesthesia and is done so that the doctor can separate and remove the espermatocele of the epididymis. After the surgery, it is usually necessary to use underwear made of bandages that help to keep up the pressure on the spot, avoiding that the court can open to move, for example.

During the recovery, it is still recommended to have some care as:

  • Apply cold compressesin the intimate area;
  • Take the drugs prescribedby the doctor;
  • Avoid wetting the intimate areato remove the spots;
  • To make the treatment of the woundat the clinic or hospital.


Although it is rare, after the surgery, may arise some complications, especially infertility in case there is some injury in the epididimo. This is why it is very important to select a clinic of urology with a certified surgeon with plenty of experience.

Espermatocele What Is, Symptoms and Treatment 1

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