Delayed Ejaculation – What It Is, Symptoms and Possible Causes

The delayed ejaculation is a dysfunction in men characterized by the absence of ejaculation during the sexual act, but that happens more easily with masturbation. The diagnosis of this condition is confirmed when the symptoms persist for more or less 6 months and is less frequent than premature ejaculation, which is a dysfunction characterized by ejaculation before or just at the beginning of the penetration.

The delayed ejaculation can be classified into:

  • Primary, or permanent,when it is present during the whole life of man;
  • Minor or transitory,when starting from a certain age or in function of some situation, the man stops ejaculating during the sexual act.

This dysfunction can generate frustration for both the man and the woman, being indicated for the guidance of a sexologist, for example, for the situation is clarified.


Symptoms of delayed ejaculation

The delayed ejaculation happens when a man cannot ejaculate during intercourse, the easier it is to happen during masturbation, unlike the anorgasmia, in which the man is unable to ejaculate in any situation.

Although there is no ejaculation, the man can maintain the erection for a longer time, prolonging the sexual activity, which can cause pain, both in woman and in man, by the loss of natural lubrication, in addition to become exhausting and frustrating for both of you. In addition, there may be wear and tear in the relationship, anxiety and depression.

Possible causes

The causes of delayed ejaculation involve both clinical factors like psychological and can be:


  • Obstruction of the channels through which the sperm passes, thus preventing ejaculation;
  • Diabetes;
  • Use of antidepressant medications;
  • Excess alcohol use;
  • The use of drugs, such as cocaine, crack cocaine and marijuana;
  • Afraid to get pregnant partner;
  • Concerns in relation to sexual performance;
  • Sexual abuse in childhood;
  • Religious issues.

By having multiple causes associated with this disorder, the diagnosis can be made by several medical specialties depending on the cause, such as a psychologist or sex therapist, urologist, or endocrinologist, for example.

How to treat

The treatment of delayed ejaculation is made from the identification of the cause, being easily solved and typically involves therapy, since it can bring some consequence to the relationship.


In addition, it is important that the man keep healthy habits, like regular physical exercise, a balanced diet and avoid smoking, drinking or consuming drugs.

Delayed Ejaculation – What It Is, Symptoms and Possible Causes 1

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