Azores Trips: Whale Watching and Nine Surprises in the Atlantic

Rugged lava coasts and mighty craters next to velvet green hills and deep blue sea – the nine islands of the Azores are full of extremes and are above all one thing: extremely beautiful. Each island of the archipelago is a world of its own, which you can discover extensively on the Azores travel from us.

Travel information in brief

Travel time

The Azores are a year-round travel destination. However, since the winters are quite inconsistent, a trip to the Azores is recommended between April and October. The months of April and May are very good for whale watching. Then large baleen whales such as blue whales and fin whales cavort off the coasts. The summer months (July – September) offer pleasant temperatures between 25 and 27 ° C, which attracts many travelers to the islands.

Currency / money

The official currency in the Azores is the euro. Credit and debit cards are accepted by larger hotels, petrol stations and a few restaurants. It is advisable to always have some cash with you, as you can often only pay with cash, especially in small shops. You should be aware that some ATMs cannot withdraw more than € 200 at a time.


As a tour operator, we are not allowed to give any vaccination recommendations. From our own experience, however, it is advisable to check the standard vaccinations of the Robert Koch Institute for children and adults before the trip and to have them refreshed if necessary. Please consult your doctor in detail about the necessary vaccinations.

Visa / entry

German citizens need a valid identification document to enter Portugal – an identity card or passport. Entries made by children in a parent’s passport are no longer valid since June 26, 2012. Every child therefore needs their own ID in order to be able to enter Portugal.

Azores – between deeply relaxed cows and playing dolphins

In the middle of the Atlantic an almost unreal world awaits the visitor. Deeply relaxed cows graze on lush pastures and defy the forces of nature just as the idyllic fishing villages and black lava rocks have done for centuries. The weather here changes as rapidly as the landscape, because it never gets boring on the Azores. Whether relaxed past windmills and vines or sporty on the Pico – the highest mountain in Portugal – those who prefer to explore nature on foot will get their money’s worth when hiking in the Azores.

Incidentally, not only the hiker is rewarded with spectacular views, idyllic picnic areas and hidden swimming spots with crystal clear water. Snorkeling, diving and sailing are among the most popular activities on the islands, as there is a lot to discover in the sea. In addition to sea turtles and fascinating fish, 28 species of whales and dolphins feel at home around the archipelago – more than in almost any other place in the world. An excursion for whale watching should therefore not be missing on a trip to the Azores! Yes, water. There is plenty of that here: in the form of crater lakes, waterfalls and of course the Atlantic Ocean.

How are our friends… in the Azores?

Last week we introduced you to Pastora Donoso from Ecuador, today it is Tanja Hausmann from the Azores. She also gives us an insight into life in times of Corona and tells us about her hopes and goals for the coming year.

What is your everyday life like at the moment?

We take care of our guests traveling this year with enthusiasm, the on-site support is more intensive than in “normal” times. This has to do with regular spontaneous flight time changes, the mandatory corona tests, etc. The nice thing about it is: All guests who have traveled to the Azores so far are very satisfied and happy to have traveled! Otherwise, we are now busy with many rebookings of our guests who have been canceled this year to 2021, generally planning for the next year.

How is the lockdown in the Azores designed? Can you go out shopping normally? With a mask? At certain times?

There is no lockdown here, everything is normal – just wearing a mask (on public transport such as ferries and airplanes, closed rooms such as supermarkets / restaurants, on whale watching boats…)

How are the people of the Azores dealing with the situation?

Very good, everyone seems to have gotten used to wearing a mask. Since there are currently no lines of spread of Covid-19 within the island, one is super relaxed in the Azores.

What effects does the coronavirus have on people, are many unemployed and does this increase the risk that the virus will spread faster?

The coronavirus has not spread to the Azores for a long time; there are only cases that have tested positive on entry and are in quarantine. There are no unemployed due to Corona, as the government has launched a protection program and financial aid for companies to pay wages at least until the end of the year. Because to claim the help means that no employee may be dismissed.

Can people be tested in the Azores, are there regular tests?

You have to be tested to enter the Azores or bring a negative test with you, which must not be older than 72 hours before departure. It is a duty. Likewise, a repeat test on day 6 on site, but this does not involve isolation / quarantine, so tourists can also spend this day on vacation as normal.

How are you, the partner agency, and all the other service providers (tour guides, hotels, drivers,…)?

It is a year to forget, but we are all very happy that at least the Azores have been spared from Corona so far. The fact that people are doing well is the top priority, as is the protection of the islands – even if it means strict entry rules and thus even greater difficulties for the tourism sector. For many in the area, the coming winter will be decisive in terms of survival. Will there then be bookings for 2021? What is the corona situation like in Europe then? If things look very bad for the coming year, many companies will give up.

What are your hopes, goals for 2021?

The hopes / goals for my company vista verde azores are that we will have so much tourist activity on the islands in the coming year that a roughly zero-sum game will result for the local tourism sector. Hardly any company will be able to cope with a year of losses like this, including us. To wish for profit would be unrealistic goals. As long as our running and fixed costs and our modest salaries can be paid, everything is fine for 2021. This is my big hope!

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