Autumn Holidays

When traveling in the fall, pay attention to how the climate unfolds in the country you want to travel to. As the climate varies around the world, there is therefore also a difference in where you get the best conditions for a dry, stable and warm journey over the autumn. At Tourist Travel, we have selected the destinations we believe are the best to go to over the autumn. In Denmark, we experience the autumn as being extremely rainy and sometimes really cold and depressing. However, this is not the outcome for other countries around the world, which is why there are good opportunities to go on an eventful holiday over this time of year.

One of the great advantages of traveling over the autumn is that it is outside the high season, which means that in most destinations there are fewer tourists than you will experience over the summer or winter. It also means that you will often be able to get your trip at a more advantageous price. When it comes to destinations, it is especially the highlands of Africa and Asia that stand out at its best at this time of year. The southern hemisphere has its “spring” at this time of year, giving Africa the most optimal conditions for a trip, as temperatures are still at a level that for most people will feel comfortable.

Autumn holidays in Africa

A trip to Africa is extremely unique throughout the autumn. This is especially true for the south-central countries such as Tanzania, Zanzibar and Kenya. Here, the game migration from the Serengeti Plain in Tanzania to the Masai area in Kenya is at its highest, and there are therefore the best conditions for experiencing the completely unique wildlife that Africa has to offer. Africa has its dry period over the fall, which is why all our destinations in Africa are ideal to travel to throughout the fall. South Africa is the only country to be wary of. A trip to South Africa looks better in the spring, as the amounts of rain are at their minimum here.

Autumn vacation in Asia

If you are planning a trip to Asia over the autumn, it is especially the highland countries that look best during these months. Nepal, India, Bhutan, China and Tibet are experiencing the least amounts of rainfall over the fall. The countries are also worth a visit during the autumn, as there is a pleasant climate in the highlands. Winter has not yet hit the mountains, and the heat of summer is still soothing, making it comfortable to go on a round trip, trekking holiday or cultural holiday in the countries.

Autumn vacation in Asia

Autumn holidays in Europe

After a hot summer, there are still areas in Europe that look really good for a holiday over the autumn. In Southern Europe, temperatures are still at a level that makes this part of the continent extremely comfortable to travel to. This applies to countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. An autumn holiday in Europe is very manageable, as it does not require many hours in a plane before you are under hot skies. A trip to Southern Europe is the perfect start to the coming dark winter, and there are good opportunities to recharge your last shot of vitamin D.

Autumn holidays in other countries

In the autumn, Central Asia is showing its best side. Here is warm, but with comfortable temperatures. Central Asia’s sometimes unbearable temperatures experience a dive over the autumn, which provides really good conditions for a trip here. A short trip to Qatar or Uzbekistan is recommended during this period. In addition, Tourist Travel offers a unique fishing vacation on the Gulf Coast outside of Florida in the United States. Here the weather conditions are completely unique for an autumn holiday with shark fishing and fishing of fish with a combat weight of up to 300 kg.