Andropause Early: What Is, Symptoms and How Is It Treated

Andropause early or premature is caused by the decreased levels of the hormone testosterone in men less than 50 years of age, which can bring problems of infertility or problems in the bone such as osteopenia and osteoporosis. The gradual decrease of testosterone is a part of aging but when it occurs before this age is called andropause early and can be treated with medicines.

Generally, among the principal causes of andropause early are the age and the history of andropause early in the family, being the symptoms that arise are similar to those of andropause the normal such as decreased libido, difficulty in erection, excessive fatigue and mood changes. The treatment can be done through hormone replacement therapy with testosterone, to help reduce symptoms and to prevent the loss of bone mass.

Symptoms of Andropause Early


Andropause early cause emotional and physical symptoms, similar to those of andropause the normal, such as:

  • Decreased libido;
  • Difficulty in erection;
  • Infertility due to decreased production of sperm;
  • Mood changes;
  • Tiredness and loss of energy;
  • Loss of strength and muscle mass;
  • Decrease of hair growth on the body and on the face.

In addition, the andropause early can cause other problems in humans, such as increased risk for developing osteoporosis, and a greater tendency to have problems of depression or anxiety.

How is it treated

The treatment of andropause early aims to relieve the symptoms, there is no cure or definitive treatment. One of the treatments that can be done is to hormone replacement therapy for men, in which medications are used as Androxon Testocaps that contain the testosterone hormone in synthetic form.


In addition, when a man presents difficulties in erection, the doctor may also prescribe the use of medicines for impotence such as Viagra or Cialis, for example.

The main causes of early andropause

Early Andropause, also known as male menopause, can be caused by psychological factors such as stress, depression and anxiety, or endocrine problems that affect the production of testosterone.

In addition, the removal of the testicles through surgery in case of tumor, for example, also causes the andropause early in the man, because when they removed the testicles is removed the organ that produces this hormone, so there is the need to perform hormone therapy.

How to naturally increase the testosterone in the body

To naturally increase the testosterone in the body can be a natural way to combat the symptoms of andropause early, being recommended:


  1. Regularly practice physical exercise with weights at the gym;
  2. Maintain a healthy weight and controlled;
  3. Perform a healthy diet, rich in foods with zinc, vitamin A and D, such as oysters, beans, salmon, egg, mango, and spinach for example.
  4. Sleep well and avoid unnecessary stress;
  5. Taking testosterone supplements such as Pro Testosterone, or Provacyl, which increase testosterone levels.

These tips will not cure andropause early, but when allied to the use of medicines prescribed by the doctor can help relieve the symptoms of andropause and, thus, improve the quality of life.

Andropause Early What Is, Symptoms and How Is It Treated 1

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