Zara Campaign for Spring-Summer 2014 Is Not a Little Boring?

Yes, we were hoping for one of the campaigns-star low cost, Zara, and it is that Inditex star always very well manage your “information” and few hours ago has launched their campaigns (female, male, and trf) worldwide.

The evolution of the brand design becomes visible once more with its campaign for next season and is returns to internationalize its strategy towards the market worldwide Are you ready for the spring and summer of Zara? It is now here!

Important bet by a sober tailoring

A very important part of this campaign is led by a great bet of tailoring. Structured with peaked lapels, jackets shirts with Italian collar, thin neckties… do you think?

But not only combined with shirts and ties, Zara brings them to us in his campaign with basic t-shirts. Personally I’m not very fan of this combination and although I tried it to wear for any occasion, I believe that me fails to convince.

And move a step closer to stamping, this time with a type of tropical print that puts the note of “color” to these sober lines. And we continue to bingo!

Metals: once again they try us sell

We have seen it in the t-shirts and various colors other seasons but now we have them in these jackets with elastic bottom and cuffs. I see the role of zippers.

And here we have another example with this jacket that looks good and also has to be of those jewels that Zara makes exorbitant prices.

A look in white

I liked this look. The Sweatshirt is fantastic for what 64? We do not know, but me has won the dregadado on points.

The more modern Zara

And it is that Zara can be whatever he wants. Whether it be elegant, we have customized parts, if it is to be modern, they are committed to these cuts…

I am sincere, the campaign and the collection does not have convinced me much. Moreover, I’ve bored with some clothes. The female part seems to me more daring and personality but I hope that separately and the collection in full to improve my impression… do you think you?