Z Zegna Autumn/Winter 2014 / 2015: Style Mod Never Was So Elegant and Rejuvenated

The idea of Z Zegna and Paul Surridge for your collection autumn-winter 2014 / 2015 It has been very clear: they wanted to bet on modernism in the aesthetic)the original Mod style) but not only give it a look much more in keeping with the firm but also adapt to the new times that run and get on it a young, sophisticated look.

It looked like hard work but, supported in a very elegant sartorial line and style having by Z Zegna accustomed, betting on exaggerated contrasts of colors in which secondary keys have much to say and above all a very successful cuts & shapes game… they have managed to achieve its purpose in a very noticeable way. With all of you, the quintessence of the Mod in Italian tailoring.

As discussed, the games with the colour palette are fundamental. We find the first part of the collection in which shelters bet on the color block with very striking hues as the Vermillion, the yellows, the violets or the green bottle. Coats with oversized cut very wide contrast with the sobriety and classicism (English, than non-Italian) to costumes they fit both leg and torso.

The prints and the pads are two of the great signs of the firm. The first are oriented towards the pinstriped, tartan or the Welsh box but redesigned to give a touch more current. In this way the pinstriped is more spacing and introduces shades as blue or the gray on white and the Welsh box prefers to play with colors. For its part, the padding focuses mainly on the feathers, cut below the hip and with a volume that contrasts with the silhouettes defined by costumes.

If add you to all this a Japanese, this minimalism not only in the details of the garments but in the cutting of some, which reminds us of items as the kimonos, We obtain a collection with a mishmash of trends very well studied and led, with very affordable items in combinations with a lot of trends that I am sure we will see again and again (and copied) throughout the next season.