You Had Sworn Never to What You Would Do, But It Is Not Such a Bad Idea to Decorate a Wall with Dishes

Decades ago it was very fashionable decorate any wall of the House with dishes and horrified to most of us. The problem was, possibly, in which around the world decorated with the same type of dishes, If the English, if those of Chinese porcelain… All very classic, is not that they are ugly but became bored.

At that time most of us come to think that the decoration with dishes would be forgotten forever and never would be part of a new home, however, we now know that If dishes are well chosen and well placed you don’t have to be such a bad idea. And you can decorate with dishes to the more modern houses, indeed the wall plates is an image that is part of the IKEA environments up to.

Avant-garde, rustic, vintage… choose style

If you decide to decorate a wall with plates, the first thing to do is to you to analyze what that better match the style of your home and that you seek original and different designs within it that is your own style.

Full color

There are cheerful and colourful possibilities with dishes of design, hand-painted in different ways. The ideal is to choose many different dishes and place them in a non symmetrical distribution, it is said, the opposite of what was for decades.

In black and white

But if you prefer something more discreet also interesting options in black and white, both in classical style and a more current online… Although I personally I prefer the colorful versions.

Plan DIY

To the dishes of your wall décor can put a personal touch either decorating dishes, painting them by hand for example, or Designing for them an original and different distribution on the wall that is in relation to furniture and balance with the other elements of the stay.

Dishes with original designs

In addition there are really original dishes that can be found in the market if we well, for example is the option of the dishes clock that it have its own mechanism and its needles to mark us time at all time.

Next to the headboard of the bed

And another original option is the of Choose a different from the usual place for them. Always the dishes have decorated common spaces, kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, some other Hall… That the original will be that we let’s them us for example to the bedroom, although in my opinion so may be somewhat excessive to start.

In short, what needs to change is the image that overlooks our head when someone named us the idea of decorate a wall with dishes, There are many other options in addition to those we remember from our childhood and many of them are in accordance with the latest trends and may love us… So, give it a twist to the idea. And more information about wall clock decorative clicks phoenixwallclocks.