You can Reupholster almost Everything (Artboards in Bloom)!

When they see me rolling a closet in the house, someone shouts “Get Ana dali before she paint or cap something!” and, well … they are wrong! Almost everything gets better looking with a little more (and sometimes a little less) of color! The chosen of the time were the acrylic boards I found on the highest shelf of the cabinet office (thought I wasn’t going to find? RA! Gotcha!)
In a lazy moment, while the family was watching a movie on Sunday, I couldn’t take anymore of anxiety to use new scrap booking papers I had bought (the same block of papers that I used to make boxes and arrange the drawers). I sat down at the table and I didn’t see the time pass, when realized, the clipboard was like this:

That’s when I realized I hadn’t taken any photos to show the process for you! But it was only tear another closet I found the smaller version to make a small set.

The only materials used were:

  • Acrylic Clipboard
  • Scrapbooking paper
  • White glue or permanent glue stick
  • White contact paper
  • Stylus

To reupholster the big artboard, decided to use a range of contact white at the top, the floral sheet of paper wasn’t big enough and would have to make an amendment. Back to the drawing board small, a sheet was for duplex, don’t just have to use the contact to give finishing on the sides.

Step by Step

To begin, measure the clipboard and cut four strips of paper contact: two largest to the sides and two smaller ones for the top and bottom edges. Each strip was approximately 3cm wide. Applied on all four edges, starting always ahead and finishing behind.

As the corners were rounded, diagonals cuts the corners made contact and was pasting takes the strip. To prevent relief, cut the excess contact with the stylus.

Time to paste the contact at the top, I had to cut the details of screws and clipboard clip with stylus.

Cut the floral paper in a size that would fit in the center of the artboard and to rounded tips. For the finish, again cut with the stylus the details from clipboard and pasted with permanent glue stick scotch, but remember: it’s not just any brand that serves (I never found a here to hold the lock). If you don’t have one of these, the best option is white glue. Go pasting little by little and eliminating the bubbles with a clean cloth.

Finally, I spent a layer of white glue mixed with water (half and half) to waterproof the paper and avoid getting too easy. Did you know that this is the famous Mod Podge which costs super expensive at crafts? And you can do at home!

Towards a new project!