Xiaomi Mi Pad Test

Xiaomi Mi Pad earns the coveted “Sub Zero’s seal of approval” with a home test that tests the product resistance to low temperatures. The footage that we propose at the end of article, published by YouTube channel I composed of fans of the products of the well-known Chinese brand (that’s why this is a homemade test) is to be welcomed because an important detail that most viewers will notice right away.

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The I Pad in question is indeed protected by a plastic case, then immersed in water that, thanks to the freezer, will achieve the solid state, but it is also linked to the current and actually turned on. After 15 minutes the tablet is “retrieved” along with the resulting sheet of ice and connected to a power bank: the device, during 15 hours, remained quietly in standby without too many problems connected to low temperatures. Stop gabbin’ thus: here’s the footage related to the test!