With The Smartphone On Mud Party

Heavy rain, puddles and mud damaging the Smartphone. A few tips show how to protect its smartphone from water or help if it once fell into the water.

Summer heat, muddy surroundings and much scramble: Festivals are the ideal place to listen to loud music, to dance and to lose his Smartphone. Fate hits a hard, it ends up in the mud and water from penetrating. A dangerous situation for Smartphones that will survive but with some tips.

Convenient protection

There are waterproof bags and sleeves in all colors and shapes for almost any device. For less than 10 euros you get a reasonable protection. But it’s worth to read testimonials and reviews before you buy because not all cases offer sufficient protection. Before you jump full of zeal with cover fitted into the cool water, you should test the water resistance. An old Smartphone or just a few paper towels are used as a dummy. The cheapest protection brand equity building offers a lockable freezer bags. This care has to, really no water can penetrate. If necessary, a small heat treatment in the amount of the CAP will help.

The rice trick

Is like a smartphone into the water, they must act quickly: the device’s battery is replaceable, you should remove it first and then put the components to dry. A bucket of raw rice is recommended. Embed the Smartphone there, cut off the dry rice the liquid and speeds up the drying process. The break in the rice bed not bad I also devices without rechargeable battery pack, however, the likelihood is low that it dries completely here. Who not brought rice to every opportunity, can take also towels, paper or similar.

A heater is suitable as well as the microwave oven to dry, both heavily damage a Smartphone. If your phone stops working after drying, the water has penetrated deeper so that helps only the repair.

Smartphones with dust and water protection

Some, for example, Sony or Samsung smartphones are protected against water and dust and have an international protection certificate (IP), which is featured with 2 digits of IP protection. The table shows its importance.

A Smartphone at the temporary immersion (IP X 7) is protected by the manufacturer in addition indicating how long should be the Smartphone under water.

A certification of IP68 like in the Sony Xperia Z3 means so dust and (according to Sony for 30 minutes) protected of immersion. The new Motorola Moto X style is protected, for example, after IP52. Although beautiful sounds at first glance, at second glance, it is protected against rain and not the case in the puddle.

A protection is only guaranteed when all valves and openings at the Smartphone are closed. In almost all, you must check this manually. Sony provides, if you want to go play it safe on some devices such as the Xperia Z3 a small Wizard: to do so is there in the phone app the number * #* #7378423#*# * a to get into the service menu. Located behind the menu point service tests is the pressure sensor. The print number now pressing with a finger on the display, should change, when all doors are closed. The pressure remains the same, this means that an opening is not properly sealed.

All doors have been closed and water still inside a waterproof device, the seller is liable in theory. In practice, it is difficult to prove, that the door was properly closed and that the device was actually only the prescribed time under water. Nevertheless, one should try it unless using the Smartphone as prescribed.

Tips for the theft

Fear can move the cautious Festival visitors from mud and water, to place its Smartphone in a dry place. But what happens when your mobile phone is stolen one?

So that at least the data is not lost, a backup is recommended before such a company.

The Device Manager Google finds an Android phone and activates in the Google preferences. Apple offers the option “find my iPhone” that, if it happened already during the installation will be activated in the settings under “iCloud” on iOS devices. However, the location only via an iOS device works, Android smartphones are not supported. The buddy who locates one of the iPhone, so also needs to use an iPhone. Windows phone has built a tracking function, which is not bound to device as that of Google.

These services locate not just the Smartphone, but you can also lock the devices and ring the Bell.

Whether the thief in the crowd will be is questionable, as is the location of the detected smartphones mostly only at 25 meters. Also you should on predator hunting never alone go, but notify the police. Not always the location work reliably, so that despite the find function the Smartphone often is not. It is in the hands of others, a lock of SIM card helps to avoid unwanted costs with the mobile service provider. A phone call to the customer service of the provider usually suffices. Some such as the Telecom and o2, the blocking works online.

Of course, there is also honest Finder at festivals. To help find the owner, a small sticker with contact information on the back of the Smartphone range. Android makes it easy and provides the point of “Guide to the owner” in the settings under “Security” or “Screen lock”. Here is there any text, the Android then displays on the lock screen.

Windows phone, this feature in the my mobile find service can be found. To disable in a Smartphone, Windows phone can display a custom message on the screen.

iOS version, 8 offers in the Heath app to create an emergency passport. This is accessible by entering the code on the lock screen and displays, including applied emergency contacts.

An uglier alternative is the use of an image with the contact data as a lock screen background.

36° and it will be even hotter

Except for water, high temperatures set to a Smartphone. Here are a few tips to:

  • Hitzewelle drives IT equipment in the red zone


[Update: 07.08.2015, 14:30: paragraph from “iOS 8 offers version, to create an emergency passport in the Heath app.”]