Winter Fashion 2014 Tights

It would have almost forgotten this weekend but autumn is there and cool temperatures also. Difficult to leave her legs outdoors and to wear dresses or skirts without being cold.

Fortunately, brands of pantyhose have thought about us and produced for this new collection fall-winter 2014 still most comfortable models and trend that we present to you.

Fancy tights by sheaf

Who would have thought that the sticky could be glamorous and accessorize the outfit? It’s the crazy bet that wreath has made and successfully met.

For the French manufacturer, made sticky part full of the ready-to-wear and shall annually renew, thus following the fashion of the moment. It is for this purpose that sheaf began collaboration with Gaspard Yurkievich, a talented fashion designer of maternity leggings –

It is in this context that wreath, the reference of the tights high-end, launches every year during the month of July, a fall-winter collection. And the least we can say is that for this season, the collection wreath is placed under the sign of chic and daring.

The tights of the Palace line

Wreath still surprises us by its know-how and stands more of its competitors by offering these black tights with floral patterns.

Finely embroidered on the transparent black tulle, the pattern of tangled flowers as tattooed on the skin. Your legs will thus take a bucolic air matching perfectly with a classic outfit that would miss fancy.

Silk combined with elastane strengthens the resistance of the sticky and gives a very soft to the touch.

The tights of the star line

This line of tights is intended for all women followers of discrete patterns but originals combined with impeccable quality.

The ‘Stars’ sticky is dotted with small opaque black dots together in groups of four. They form small stars discreetly placed on your legs.

Wreath still offers us here a pattern very trendy with its print graphic but also extremely comfortable thanks to his belt without seams. In addition, his pocket and his feet are reinforced which ensures better resistance.

Sensual pantyhose by the Bourget

Le Bourget is a French brand making since 1924 tights with an excellent quality-price.

In each of his collections, the Bourget air show celebrates the sensual woman who takes care of her and wearing lingerie. Moreover, we find this image in various slogans used by the brand in TV commercials: ‘beauty lingerie’ and ‘tights of beauty. ”

The tights of the chic underwear line

For its new collection fall-winter 2014, the Bourget keeps the same course and creates tights with still more work patterns, using seduction as for the line “The chic below”.

The sticky Passion all in embroidery

This line is characterized by patterns very sophisticated and never seen before. Among them, the sticky Passion really stands out because of its embroidery in the shape of waves outside of the leg while the inside is made of floral patterns more or less opaque.

The sticky mistaken the sensual eye

For a sexier side, opt for the sensual sticky which is very well named since his reasons give the illusion of a garter. The thigh-high, we find an embroidery with patterns of a garter while on the rest of the sticky, it is closer to a fishnet stockings.

The innovative tights by DIM fit

Impossible to talk of tights without talking about DIM fit. The innovative brand has revolutionized the universe of the sticky using only nylon, then realizing all his tights without seams.

Even today, DIM fit continues to surprise us and ventured on new grounds in designing especially with leggings, treggings real fashion pieces.

What is the difference between leggings and tregging?

Before entering the heart of the matter, are we to the difference between these two new types of clothing.

The leggings are opaque tights without feet that can also be a little thicker. One speaks then of skintight shorts.

The tregging, meanwhile, is a variant of the legging is closer to stretch pants very close to the body while being opaque. It is popular among the stars and we see it regularly in the gossip magazines.

The day a DIM fit slimming leggings

For its new collection fall-winter 2014, DIM fit associated the leggings to innovative slimming technology allowing you to lose up to a size at the level of the thighs and knees, but also, of cellulite.

Belonging to the Diam’s Action Minceur line, this day slimming legging operates all the benefits of the cosmetotextile allows to perfect his legs without effort.

For this, a slimming formula is inlaid in the textile industry. It is composed of crystals acti-minerals that massage the skin continuously which allows to reduce cellulite while improving blood micro-circulation. For quasi-assure results from seven days, associate these leggings with a healthy lifestyle.

The effect of SUN leather tregging

In stretch synthetic material the tregging is pants. Close to the body, it will highlight your legs tapering as well as your bulging buttocks.

Star of the parades of haute couture houses, Balmain and Givenchy, the tregging is doing both of day associated with a long Cardigan with a small night dress short.

How to wear the tregging?

To have even longer legs and a look at the cutting edge of fashion, go with boots or shoes with heels, and don’t forget accessories like a pouch and big bracelets.

You know now the latest in terms of tights for the season autumn-winter 2014. You play on the grounds, contents and effects, your legs will be only more beautiful!