What is Your Dream Kitchen

You can have the kitchen you’ve always wanted, without giving up practicality and style

The kitchen is one of the most coveted rooms of the house. The habit of cooking for gathering friends and family is gaining more followers day and causes it to be much more than just a place to prepare meals. The kitchen turned to be a living space which is well equipped and functional, full of style and in the way you always dreamed of.

Choose the right kitchen

The kitchen can be American, modulated or planned. They all have advantages and the right choice depends on what best fits your needs. Here you can have the kitchen you want at the lowest price in the market.

Planned kitchens

With smaller and smaller residences, the planned kitchen provides the best possible use of space. Thus, it is possible to design a room exactly the way you need. Try to build your online kitchen.

Modular kitchens

In modular kitchens, furnishings are sold separately and you compose the environment with those you need. There are several options in various materials and textures to leave the place with your face!

American kitchen

Also known as integrated, the kitchen is strategically separated from the room by a counter or by a half wall. With a number of advantages, it increases the feeling of space and integrates environments, allowing greater contact between the cook and his family and visits.

Types of furniture

Practicality must be watchword when choosing furniture. There are several types of furniture such as cabinet, niches, fagot, bracket, shelf, cabinet, and counter. Analyze the space you have and elect those who are most important to you. A good tip is to bet on air furniture because they take up less space. Remember that the path between the refrigerator, sink and stove must be free.

Niches and accessories

Niches and accessories are differential in the kitchen; they provide beauty and organization to the environment, giving charm to hitherto unused places. Lovers of practicality can use the niches to store objects in the usual height of the hands, which gives functionality to the kitchen. Those who stand out for their beautiful decoration can store parts and objects that contribute to the beautification of the space.

In addition, accessories such as cutlery holders and microwave act as fundamental items for the layout of the small or large objects.

Do not forget the hood

Finally, be sure to use a hood to prevent cooking odors spreading throughout the whole house. The device renews the air of the place, sucking it and returning it clean. It is available both for installation in the kitchen center and the wall, in a variety of heights, widths and depths.

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