What is a 4 Port USB Hub

Computer users plug many gadgets into ports USB-printers, cell phones, MP3 players and sticks of memory-limited only by the number and the location of the ports. Fortunately, a USB Hub provides additional, readily available computer ports.


The triple symbol appears on all ports and USB connectors.The Universal Serial Bus port allows a computer control devices. Connections USB 1.1 “slow” and “high-speed” USB 2.0 connections work with USB 2.0 hubs.


A USB hub plugs into a USB port, allowing the user to connect several USB devices at the same time.

Types of

USB hub designs range from small models that plug directly into the port of large boxes, connected via a USB cable.


USB hubs generally draw power from the computer itself to run smaller electronics, such as memory sticks or keyboards. For older devices, such as printers, you need an alternative USB hub power, plugged into a wall outlet.


You can connect USB hubs in each other, multiplying available up to 127 ports. The maximum length of the cable between the computer and the hub to a USB 2.0 hub, is about 16 feet, according to USB.org.


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