Ways to Make Laundry Easier

I mention here that there are many things that suck our energy even if we realize them. One of them is entering a messy bathroom in the morning. And the worst part is that we’re not always aware of the saddest thing. That’s why I start to pack up my bathroom every night before bed, so I have a quiet night’s sleep and a much nicer morning.

In this period I’ve been grooming the bathroom more often. I have realized that the main source of mess is the laundry, which is curious, because I always have a basket of clothes. I think about what would be the obstacle between me and the 7 seconds needed to put your clothes in the wardrobe. My guess? The lid. I know it sounds silly. Now that you’ve hung some clothes on the chair, is it too lazy of you to open the wardrobe? I got you!

All the options that show here are uncapped, the visual will be polluted. The first option is a basket of raw fabric with colored lining. There exist ways to make the basket step by step on the Internet. People who have a little bit of practice with needles can do according to the instructions. The colors are at their discretion and the result is fantastic.

If your business is to leave the mess behind the door, this is the ideal option. A fabric bag stuck with hooks is discreet and does not occupy space. I find it is also great for male rooms, right?

If you do not give up the space savings, but want something more feminine and delicate, add a embroidery ring and your favorite pillowcase. Without doubt, it is one of the projects on my waiting list.

Laundry baskets can also be elegant, as the model of Urban Outfitters. The muted colors and sleek and structured basket make the bathroom fine without seriousness. Although there exist no branded- basket, you can improvise it with fabric paint. 

The most creative way stay to the end. Children can also help and they just put a little fun in the process. How about the hungry little monsters?  All I know is that my clothes would never stop nowhere but in their bellies.

These are my favorite models. With templates like that, I always want to change clothes just to see the basket filled and of course, regret not to wash everything in time. Which one is your favorite? Share in the comments!

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